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Atlacomulco de Fabela
Ceety & Municipality
Offeecial seal o Atlacomulco
Atlacomulco is locatit in Mexico
Location in Mexico
Coordinates: 19°47′51″N 99°52′28″W / 19.79750°N 99.87444°W / 19.79750; -99.87444
Kintra  Mexico
State State o Mexico
Foondit 1530s
Municipal Status 1824
 • Municipal Preses C. Fidel Almaza Monroy
 • Municipality 258.74 km2 (99.90 sq mi)
Elevationof seat 2,570 m (8,430 ft)
Population (2005)Municipality
 • Municipality 77,831
 • Seat 20,447
Time zone CST (UTC-6)
Postal code (of seat) 50450
Aurie code(s) 712
Wabsteid (in Spaingie) /Offeecial steid

Atlacomulco is a ceety an municipality locate in the northwast o the State o Mexico in central Mexico, 63 km frae the state caipital o Toluca. The name is derivit frae the Nahuatl phrase "atlacomulli" that means "whaur thare is walls." The ceety, wi a population o 20,477 is surroondit bi landwart aurie in which 75% o the rest o the municipality bides. The municipality haes a sizable percentage o indigenous leid speakers, maistly Mazahua.[1] The Mazahua name for the aurie is Embaró, which means "colored rock."[2] Agricultur is still the main economic activity, but the development o a nummer o industrial pairks, like Atlacomulco 2000, that alloued the seat tae reak ceety statues bi 1987.[1] Atlacomulco is the oreegin o a poleetical group cried "Grupo Atlacomulco" made up o pouerful poleetical figurs, wha dinna affirm that it exists.[3]

Famous fowk frae the toun[eedit | eedit soorce]

Ither PRI politicians:

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Further readin[eedit | eedit soorce]

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