Villa Guerrero, State o Mexico

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Santa Cruz Atizapán
Municipality an toun
Santa Cruz Atizapán is located in Mexico
Santa Cruz Atizapán
Santa Cruz Atizapán
Location in Mexico
Coordinates: 18°57′36″N 99°38′24″W / 18.96000°N 99.64000°W / 18.96000; -99.64000
Kintra Mexico
StateState o Mexico
Time zoneUTC-6 (Central Staundart Time)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-5 (Central Daylicht Time)

Villa Guerrero is a toun an municipality in the State o Mexico, Mexico. It is locatit on the soothren slopes o the Nevada de Toluca, which is kent as "Xinantecatl", is 50 minutes/58 km frae Toluca. Its oreeginal name wis Tequaloyan, which in Náhuatl means "place whaur thare are wild beasts that devour men". The oreeginal name comes frae the previous existence o wild animals cried "tecuani" (tē=someane, fowk; cuā=eat; ni=habitual suffix) as nou notit in the coat o airms shield. Its name wis chyngit in 1867 tae honor Vicente Guerrero, the seicont preses o Mexico.[1]

The toun[eedit | eedit soorce]

Tequaloyan stairtit oot as a dominion that wis foondit bi the Otomis in the seivent century. Stairtin in the tent century, it came unner the influence o the Toltec an Teotihuacan ceevilizations. Frae 1221 tae 1295, it wis pairt o the Cuitlach Teuhctli domain. In 1472 the aurie wis conquered bi the Aztec Empire unner Axayacatl. Durin this period, the toun o Tequaloyan, alang wi some ither commonties rose in importance.[1]

Efter the Spainyie conquest, the toun became an admeenistrative an poleetical center, wi the surroondin launds distributit tae various conquistadors who creatit a nummer o haciendas includin San Miguel, San José, an San Nicolás Buenavista. The natives wur evangelisit bi Augustinians who came frae neebourin Malinalco. While ane o the first secular govrenors wis Don Lucas de Caballero, true separation o ecclesiastical an secular pouers came aboot atween 1692 an 1744 feenalisin wi the namin o Juan de la Cruz as Govrenor o Tequaloyan, wi ecclesiastical authority in the aurie remainin wi Malinalco an Tenancingo.[1]

Durin the Mexican War o Unthirldom, ane battle atween the insurgents an ryalist forces teuk place here on 3 Januar 1812. Rosendo Porlier o the ryalist forces attacked José María Oviedo o the rebels, who fortifee'd the toun an helpit tae defend it. Porlier returned on 17 Januar tae attack Tequaloyan as the nearbi ravine o the Texcaltenco River, leadin tae Oviedo's daith. This hastened the arrival o José María Morelos, who alang wi Hermenegildo Galeana, Nicolás Bravo an Mariano Matamoros gathered a force o 3,200 men tae defeat the ryalist forces on the 19t an 20t o the same month, allouin the insurgents tae win again at Tenancingo twa days later.[1]

Acause o it size at the time (ower 1,000 inhabitants), Tequaloyan wis designatit offeecially as a toun wi the promulgation o the Constitución Española de Cádiz in 1812, wi Don Francisco Hernández as its first mayor; housomeivver it belangit first tae the municipality o Apatzingán then tae the municipality o Toluca frae 1814 tae 1826 whan the toun votit tae secede. This is considered tae be the foondation o the toun's municipal seat status.[1]

Durin the Mexican Revolution, on 18 August 1914, Constitutionalist forces unner Lt. Col. Bruno Neira entered the toun tae confront those sympathetic tae the Zapatista cause.[1]

Accordin wi the results presentit bi INEGI in 2005, the toun haes a total o 8,437 inhabitants.[2]

The municipality[eedit | eedit soorce]

As municipal seat, the toun o Villa Guerrero is the govrenin authority for the follaein commonties: Buenavista El Carmen, Cruz Vidriada, La Finca, El Islote, El Izote, Jesús Carranza (Rancho de Jesús), La Loma de la Concepción (La Loma), Matlazinca, El Moral, Porfirio Díaz, Potrero de la Sierra, Potrero Nuevo, El Progreso Hidalgo, San Bartolomé (San Bartolo), San Diego, San Felipe, San Francisco, San Gaspar, San José, San Lucas, San Mateo Coapexco, San Miguel, San Pedro Buenos Aires (San Pedro), Santa María Aranzazú (Santa María), Santiago Oxtotitlán, Tequimilpa, Totolmajac, Zacango, Coxcacoaco, Ejido de la Finca, La Joya, El Peñón, Ejido de San Mateo Coapexco, Los Ranchos de San José, La Merced (Ex-hacienda la Merced), El Potrero Loma del Capulín, Los Arroyos (La Baja de San Felipe), Cuajimalpa (Los Cuervos), Presa Tecualoya, Loma de Zacango (El Aventurero), San Martín, El Venturero Santa María Aranzazú, La Alta de Santiago Oxtotitlán, La Loma de Santiago Oxtotitlán, El Potrero de Santiago Oxtotitlán, Potrerillos Santa María Villa Guerrero, an Zanjillas San Bartolomé.[2]

Geografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

The municipality is 267.8 square kilometres,[1] an haes a total population o 52,090.[2]

Villa Guerrero is bordered tae the north bi Zinacantepec, Toluca, Calimaya an Tenango del Valle; tae the east bi the municipalities o Tenancingo an Zumpahuacán, tae the sooth bi Ixtapan de la Sal an wast wi the same Ixtapan de la Sal an Coatepec Harinas.[1]

Its twa major geografical featurs (aside frae the view o the Nevado de Toluca) are the Cerro (Hill) Cuate or o Cuaximalpa wi an altitude o 3,760 meters abuin sea level, follaeed bi the Cerro Cuexcontepec at 3,330 metres. A chain o hills cried the Chignahuitecatl divides the municipality on the east frae Ixtapan de la Sal an Coatepec Harinas. It is notit for its deep ravines an jaggit cliffs an haes been compared tae Riasa, in Spain. As pairt o the Alto Balsas basin, it haes a nummer o rivers includin the Texcaltenco, the Chiquito de Santa María, the San Gaspar, the Los Tizantez, the Tequimilpa, the Cruz Colorada or San Mateo an the Calderón. Mony o these contain watterfaws such as the Salto de Candelitas, the Atlaquisca the Maquilero; the Salto del Río Grande de San Gaspar, an the Salto de la Neblina. The territory possesses natural springs such as La Estrella an aw, La Piedra Ahuecada, El Coponial, Los Chicamoles, an El Agua de la Pila as well as a thermal spring popularly-kent as El Salitre.[1]

Ecomony[eedit | eedit soorce]

The economy o the municipality is based on agricultur wi aboot hauf o the territory dedicatit tae such an aboot hauf is left as forest. In the 1940s, Mexico State govrenor Wenceslao Labra introducit 300,000 avocado trees tae the aurie. Avocados, alang wi peaches are extensively grown, maist o which are sauld at the Mercado Merced in Mexico Ceety. Housomeivver, the maist important economic development occurred frae the 1930s tae the 1950s whan lairge nummers o Japanese immigrants settled in the aurie, initiatin floricultur. Roses in various varieties, are the primar flouer grown, follaeed bi the "gerbera", the "casablanca", the "stargeiser", chrysanthemum an the Dutch tulip as well as ither ornamental plants such as the dollar eucalyptus, aster an maist recently the ryal palm which is in danger o extinction. The level o quality o Villa Guerrero's flowers have alloued thaim tae penetrate the naitional an internaitional flouer mercats, exportin flouers tae the Unitit States, Canadae an various European kintras. This floricultur is said tae be the "pride o the Villaguerrenses" an is nou the main economic staple o the municipality. Ither economic venturs such as industrie an tourism are negligible are nacient.[1]

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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