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State o Mexico

Poleetical diveesions o Mexico

Touns an ceeties in the State o Mexico (Estado de México), ane o the 31 Unitit Mexican States.

Accordin tae Airticle 9 o the Organic Municipal Law o the State o Mexico,[1] the state classifees its dounsets as follaes:

  • Ciudad (ceety): Mair than 15,000 inhabitants.
  • Villa (toun): Atween 5,000 an 15,000 inhabitants.
  • Pueblo (veelage): Atween 1,000 an 5,000 inhabitants.
  • Ranchería (hamlet): Atween 500 an 1,000 inhabitants.
  • Caserío (sma hamlet): Fewer than 500 inhabitants.

Elevatin a dounset tae a ceety status is a function o the State Congress. The lawer statuses can be grantit bi municipal authorities.

See an aw: Municipalities o the State o Mexico.