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(San Juan) Jiquipilco
Toun & Municipality
(San Juan) Jiquipilco is located in Mexico
(San Juan) Jiquipilco
(San Juan) Jiquipilco
Coordinates: 19°33′26″N 99°36′27″W / 19.55722°N 99.60750°W / 19.55722; -99.60750Coordinates: 19°33′26″N 99°36′27″W / 19.55722°N 99.60750°W / 19.55722; -99.60750
Kintra Mexico
StateState o Mexico
Municipal Status1824
 • Municipal PresesCarlos Sánchez Sánchez (2006-2009)
(o seat)
2657 m (8,717 ft)
 (2005) Municipality
 • Municipality59,969
 • Seat
Time zoneUTC-6 (CST)
Postal code (of seat)
Website(in Spaingie) http://www.jiquipilco.gob.mx/wb2

Jiquipilco is a toun an municipality locatit in State o Mexico in Mexico. It is north o the Valley o Toluca, pairt o the region consistin o the soothren an wastren slopes o Cerro La Catedral, which haes a concentration o speakers o the Otomi leid. It is aboot 40 km frae Toluca, the state caipital. The name is a corruption o Nahuatl “Xiquipilli”, meanin “the place o saddlebags”. Jiquipilco is situatit on the transversal volcanic axis that crosses Mexico in a aurie surroondit bi lochs an volcanoes. This portion is cried "Anahuac”.[1]

The toun o San Juan Jiquipilco[eedit | eedit soorce]

The toun haed a population o 1,880 as o the 2005 INEGI census. It lees at a elevation o 2,657 meters abuin sea level.[2]

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Jiquipilco came unner Otomí rule ca. 1274 an developit intae a locally pouerful toun. The Franciscans arrivit in 1552 tae evangelize the aurie an gae the awready existin veelage the name o Juan de las Huertas for its abundance o fruit trees (huerta bein Spainyie for "orchard"), but its current name is San Juan Jiquipilco. The veelage wis offeecially proclaimit bi the Spaingie on 6 Mairch 1593.[1]

Notable steids[eedit | eedit soorce]

In addeetion tae the toun chapel, ither attractions are the sanctuar o Santa Cruz Tepexpán, which dates frae the 16t an 18t hunderyears, an the chapel o San Felipe Santiago, constructit aroond the end o the 16t hunderyear. A nummer o colonial era biggins hae been preservit sic as the ex–haciendas o Mañí, Nixiní, Santa Isabel, Boximo, some o whose structurs are in ruins.[3]

The municipality o Jiquipilco[eedit | eedit soorce]

As municipal seat, the toun o Jiquipilco haes govrenin jurisdiction ower the follaein commonties: Barrio Primero Buenos Aires, Bóximo, Buenavista, Buenos Aires, Colonia Benito Juárez, San Felipe Santiago, Colonia Flores Magón, Colonia la Purísima, Colonia Morelos, Dolores Amarillas, Ejido de Mañi, Ejido de Moxteje, Ejido de Santa María Nativitas, Ejido de Santa María Nativitas el Colector, Ejido Llano Grande (Planta Piloto), El Jaral (Tierra Montón), El Rincón Loma de Hidalgo, El Santuario del Señor del Cerrito, Hacienda Nixini Jiquipilco, La Nopalera, La Pastora, Las Golondrinas, Las Palomitas (Puerto Jiquipilli), Loma de Endotzi (Manzana Sexta), Loma de Hidalgo, Loma de San Felipe, Loma de San Pedro, Loma del Astillero, Loma del Madroño, Loma del Sitio, Loma Hermosa, Loma Hidalgo Colonia Benito Juárez, Loma Hidalgo Manzana Cuarta, Loma Vicente Guerrero, Los Ortiz, Manzana Cuarta, Manzana Cuarta de Santa Cruz Tepexpan, Manzana Primera la Capilla, Manzana Primera Parte Alta, Manzana Quinta (La Cañada), Manzana Quinta de San Bartolo Oxtotitlán, Manzana Segunda, Manzana Segunda de Santa Cruz Tepexpan, Manzana Sexta Parte Alta, Manzana Sexta Parte Baja, Manzana Sexta Parte Centro, Manzana Tercera (Bodo), Manzana Tercera de Santa Cruz Tepexpan, Manzana Tercera Juashi, Manzana Tercera Loma de Hidalgo, Manzana Tercera Panthé, Manzana Tercera Parte Baja, Moxteje, Palo Gacho, Pie del Cerro, Portezuelo, Primera Manzana de Santa Cruz Tepexpan, Ranchería de Mañi (Ex-hacienda de Mañi), Ranchería de Sila (Ejido de Sila), Rancho Alegre, Rancho Colorado, Rancho Loma de Malacota, Rancho los Quiroz, Rancho Santa Lucía, San Antonio Nixini, San Bartolo Oxtotitlán, San Felipe Santiago, San Francisco el Alto, San Isidro, San José del Sitio, San Martín Morelos, San Miguel Yuxtepec, Santa Isabel, Santa María Nativitas, Sección del Cerrito, an Tierra Blanca.

The municipality o Jiquipilco wis foondit in 1822 an haes a tot extension o 276.5 square km. It borders the follaein municipalities; San Bartolo Morelos, Villa del Carbón, Ciudad Nicholás Romero, Temoaya, Ixtlahuaca, an Jocotitlan.[1] The population is 59,969.[2]

A significant nummer o fowk leave the toun ivery year in sairch o employment, mainly young people unner 30. Mony o thaim go tae Mexico Ceety or Toluca.

Modren Jiquipilco wis foondit on 6 Mairch 1593.[1]

The economy o Jiquipilco is based on agricultur an stockbreedin. The principal crops are wheat, barley an oats. Acause o the difficult local topografie, fowk continue tae apply auld techniques, an few fermers uise mechanisit equipment. Livestock is mainly representit bi cattle, sheep, pigs an goats. The municipality haes abundant minerals an aw, maistly nanmetallic, sic as silica saund an gravel, an stane, obsidian an quartz, which fynd uise in uised maistly in construction an road pavin.[1]

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Otomis first came tae this aurie aroond 1274. Accordin tae legend, thay settled here comin frae a laund cried "Xicomostoc", whaur seiven tribes o Otomis came frae tae settle in places lik Jilotepec, Acxotlán, Tepexí as well as the hielands o Jiquipilco, here leadin a huntin an gatherin existence. The P'urhépecha (better kent till vera recently as the Tarascans) focht here wi the Otomis as thay tree'd tae conquer Matlatzinca land. In 1478, the Aztecs invadit Matlatzinca land, an the Aztec prince Azayácatzin personally battled the Otomi prince Tlilcuetepalin (the Black Lizard) who wan the fecht, tharebi savin Xiquipilco.[1]

Efter the Spaniards subjugatit Toluca, Gonzalo de Sandoval, kent as the richt airm o Hernán Cortés, promised tae bring Jiquipilco unner Spainyie dominion in 15 days; housomeivver, he foond a aurie populatit bi men who preferred tae dee on the battlefield. The Spaingie eventually did succeed in bringin Jiquipilco intae the dominion o New Spain.[1]

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