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Hernán Cortés

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Hernán Cortés (1485 - 2 December, 1547) wis a explorer an Sodger frae Spain. Atween 1519 an 1521 he conquered the Aztec empire o Emperor Montezuma.

Cortés wis born in Medellín, a toun in the Extremadura province o the Kinrik o Castile in Spain. He gaed tae the Varsity o Salamanca but drapped oot whan 17 year auld. He chose tae try his luck in the New Warld.

He gaed tae the New Warld in 1506. He teuk a haund in the conquest o Hispaniola an Cuba. In 1519 he stairtit frae Cuba bi gailey an gaed ti Yucatán. In Yucatán he conquered the Aztec empire. Cortés saa the caipital o the empire Tenochtitlán, an wis surprised tae see that the ceity wis as great as Constantinople. Later in 1521 he destroyed it.

Cortés returned frae Honduras. Aifter he gaed back tae Spain wi a great treisure. He dee'd in Seville in 1547.