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Mexico Tenochtitlan


Model o the temple destrict o Tenochtitlan at the Naitional Museum o Anthropology
Caipital Tenochtitlan
Leids Nahuatl
Releegion Mexica releegion
Government Monarchy
Historical era Pre-Columbian
 -  Established 1325
 -  Formation o the Aztec Empire 1428
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Tenochtitlan (Clessical Nahuatl: Tenochtitlan [tenotʃˈtitɬan]) wis an Aztec altepetl (ceety-state) locatit on an island in Loch Texcoco, in the Valley o Mexico. Foondit in 1325, it acame the caipital o the expandin Mexica Empire in the 15t century,[1] till captured bi the Spainyie in 1521. At its peak, it wis the laorgest ceety in the Pre-Columbian Americas. When paired wi Mexico, the name is a reference tae Mexica, an aa kent as "Aztecs" altho thay referred tae themselves as Mexica. It subsequently acame a cabecera o the Viceroyalty o New Spain. The day the ruins o Tenochtitlan are locatit in the central pairt o Mexico Ceety.

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