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Arequipa, Peru
Arequipa, Peru
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Coat of airms o Arequipa
Coat airms
La Ciudad Blanca (The White Ceety), The Roum o Americae
Coordinates: 16°23′55.76″S 71°32′12.78″W / 16.3988222°S 71.5368833°W / -16.3988222; -71.5368833Coordinates: 16°23′55.76″S 71°32′12.78″W / 16.3988222°S 71.5368833°W / -16.3988222; -71.5368833
EstablishedAugust 15, 1540
 • MayorOmar Julio Candia Aguilar
 • ArchbishopJavier Del Río Alba
 • City9862.02 km2 (3,807.75 sq mi)
 • Metro
2923.53 km2 (1,128.78 sq mi)
2335 m (7,661 ft)
 • City978,009
 • Density99/km2 (260/sq mi)
 • Metro
 • Demonym
Time zoneUTC−5 (PET)
Postal code
Area code(s)54

Arequipa (Spaingie pronunciation: [aɾeˈkipa]) is the caipital ceety o the Arequipa Region in soothren Peru. Wi a population o 904,931 it is the seicont maist populous ceety o the kintra. Arequipa lies in the Andes muntains, at an altitude o 2,335 meters (7,661 feet) abuin sea level; the umwhile snaw-capped volcano El Misti owerleuks the ceety.

The ceety haes mony colonial-era Spainyie biggins biggit o sillar, a pearly white volcanic rock, frae which it gets the nickname La Ciudad Blanca ("The White Ceety").[1] Reportedly, it first acquired this nickname in the colonial era, acause maist o its indwallers wur Creole o Iberian strynd. The historic centre o Arequipa wis named a UNESCO Warld Heritage Site in 2000, in recognition o its airchitecture an historic integrity.

Suin efter its foondin, the ceety became a major commercial hub o soothren Peru, accumulatin commercial an admeenistrative functions. In times o the Viceroyalty o Peru it wis an important economic hub in soothren Peru. It played a significant role in the history o the Republic o Peru, declarin itsel "Caipital o the Republic" durin the govrenment o Montero. Arequipa haes an aa been hame o mony o the ootstaundin intellectual an poleetical figures, as well as releegious icons, in the kintra. In recent decades it haes acome an important industrial an commercial centre in Peru, nou bein the seicont maist industrialized ceety in Perú.

It haes several industrial pairks, as the ceety haes close tred ties wi Chile, Bolivie an Brazil; it an aa haes links wi ceeties connectit bi the Soothren Railway an wi the port o Matarani.

Name[eedit | eedit soorce]

Thare are various tradeetions aboot the name, said tae come frae the Quechua or Aymara leids. Ane tradeetion says that the Inca Mayta Capac received a petition frae his subjects tae reach the valley o the Chili. Thay requestit permission tae stay in the region, acause thay wur amazed bi the bonnie scenery an mild climate. The Inca respondit, "Ari qhipay" (in Quechua: "Yes, stay"). This wis the etymology describit bi a Calancha faither, which wis translatit bi J. Ignacio Gamio. It wis named efter a donkey.

Anither version wis that o the missionary Padre Blas Sailing an the 16t century Peruvian historian, Inca Garcilaso de la Vega. Thay said that the name came frae an auld dialect o Aymara. Ari qquepan (literally, wey o war horn) wis named efter a marine snail which the Indians uised as a horn. In Scots the phrase means "trumpet soond".

Juan de la Cruz Salas y Sanchez an the historian Ernst Middendorf proposed an etymology that recognised the aurie wis settled bi fowk o heichland (Aymara) oreegin. Thay contend the name is derived frae Aymara, wi the phrase ari qhipaya; ari (acute, sharp or pointit) an qhipaya (ahint), meanin "ahint the bill," referrin tae the volcanic cone o El Misti, Arequipa, which dominates the skyline.

The Incas believed Cuzco tae be the centre o the warld. Thay referred tae the aurie o Arequipa as the "land or place ahint the volcanoes", or ither location ahint the muntains, or ariq qipao.

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