Leet o ceeties proper bi population

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This is a leet o the maist populous ceeties in the warld defined accordin tae a concept o ceety proper (an urban locality wioot its suburbs). A ceety proper is a locality defined accordin tae legal or poleetical boundaries an an admeenistratively recognised urban status that is uisually characterized bi some fairm o local govrenment.[1][2][3]

"Warld Urbanization Prospects", a Unitit Naitions publication, defines the population o a ceety proper as "the population livin within the admeenistrative boundaries o a ceety."[4] The beuk continues tae say that "ceety proper as defined bi admeenistrative boundaries mey nae include suburban auries whur an important proportion o the population wirkin or studyin in the ceety lives."

The term ceety can tak on mony meanins in different pairts o the warld. For the purposes o this leet, the definition o a ceety as a primarily urban locality is uised. This leet enumerates the populations o some o the warld's lairgest ceeties, the boundaries o which mey or mey nae correspond tae those o municipalities. The populations leetit are for the admeenistratively defined ceety an nae for the urban aurie nor the metropolitan aurie. Statistical definitions for each ceety, approximate surface aurie, an population density are an aa indicatit.

Ceeties proper bi population[eedit | eedit soorce]

Rank Ceety Image Population Defineetion Aurie (km²) Population density (/km²) Kintra
1 Shanghai 24,150,000[5] Direct-controlled Municipality[6][7] 6,340.5 3,800  Cheenae
2 Beijing 21,150,000[8] Direct-controlled Municipality[9] 16,410.54 1,288  Cheenae
3 Karachi 21,142,625[10][full citation needit] Ceety Destrict Govrenment[11] 3,527 5,994  Pakistan
4 Lagos 16,060,307[12][13] Local Govrenment Areas (LGAs)[14][15] 999.58[16] 16,067  Nigerie
5 Istanbul 14,160,467[17] Metropolitan Municipality-Province[18] 2,189.79[19] 6,467  Turkey
6 Guangzhou 12,700,800[20] Sub-Provincial Ceety[21] 3,843.43 3,305  Cheenae
7 Mumbai 12,478,447[22] Municipal Corporation[23] 603.4 20,680  Indie
8 Moscow 12,111,194[24] Federal Ceety[25][26] 2,510.12[27] 4,825  Roushie
9 São Paulo 11,821,873[28] Municipality Ceety[29] 1,521.11[30] 7,772  Brazil
10 Delhi 11,007,835[22] Naitional Caipital Region[31] 431.09 25,535  Indie
11 Shenzhen 10,467,400[32] Sub-Provincial Ceety 1,991.64[33] 5,255  Cheenae
12 Seoul 10,388,055[34] Special Ceety 605.21[35] 17,164  Sooth Korea
13 Jakarta 9,988,329[36] Caipital Region - Five Kota[37] 664.12 15,040  Indonesie
14 Lima 9,751,717[38][39] Metropolitan Municipality-Province[40] 933.63[41] 9,489  Peru|
15 Kinshasa 9,735,000[42][43][full citation needit] Metropolitan Municipality-Province[44] 1,117.62[45] 8,710  Democratic Republic o the Congo
16 Tianjin 9,341,844[46] Direct-controlled Municipality[47] 4,037[48] 2,314  Cheenae
17 Tokyo 9,071,577[49] 23 Special Wards (tokubetsu-ku) 622.99[50] 14,562  Japan
18 Cairo 8,922,949[51] Governorate[52] 3,085.1[53] 2,892  Egyp
19 Dhaka 8,906,039[54] Ceety Corporation[55] 302.92[56][57] 29,401  Bangladesh
20 Mexico Ceety 8,874,724[58] Federal Destrict 1,485.49[59] 5,974  Mexico
21 Bangalore 8,425,970[22] Municipal Corporation 709.5[60] 11,876  Indie
22 New York Ceety 8,405,837[61] Five Boroughs[62] 783.84 10,724  Unitit States
23 Lunnon 8,308,369[63] Greater Lunnon Authority[64] 1,572.15 5,285  Unitit Kinrick
24 Bangkok 8,280,925[65] Metropolitan Municipality-Province[66] 1,568.74 5,280  Thailand
25 Dongguan 8,220,207[67] Sub-Provincial Ceety 2,469.4 3,329  Cheenae
26 Tehran 8,154,051[68] Ceety Municipality[69] 686[70] 11,886  Iran
27 Bogotá 7,776,845[71] Capital Destrict[72] 859.11[73][74] 9,052  Colombie
28 Ho Chi Minh Ceety 7,681,700[75] Metropolitan Municipality-Province 2,095.6[76] 3,667  Vietnam
29 Hong Kong 7,219,700[77] Special Admeenistrative Region 1,104.43[78] 6,537  Cheenae
30 Baghdad 7,180,889[79] Metropolitan Municipality-Province[80] 4,555[81] 1,577  Iraq
31 Wuhan 6,886,253[82] Sub-Provincial City[83] 1,327.61[84] 5,187  Cheenae
32 Hanoi 6,844,100[75] Metropolitan Municipality-Province 3,323.6[76] 2,059  Vietnam
33 Hyderabad 6,809,970[22] Municipal Corporation 621.48[85] 10,958  Indie
34 Rio de Janeiro 6,429,923[28] Municipality Ceety 1,200.27[30] 5,357  Brazil
35 Lahore 6,318,745[86] Ceety Destrict 1,772[86] 3,566  Pakistan
36 Foshan 6,151,622[87][88] Sub-Provincial Ceety 2,034.62[89] 3,023  Cheenae
37 Santiago 5,743,719[90] Metropolitan Municipality-Province[91] 1,249.9 4,595  Chile
38 Riyadh 5,676,621[92] Municipality City[93] 1,233.98[94] 4,600  Saudi Arabie
39 Ahmedabad 5,570,585[22] Municipal Corporation 475 11,727  Indie
40 Singapore 5,399,200[95] Ceety State 712.4 7,579  Singapore
41 Shantou 5,391,028[96] Sub-Provincial Ceety 2,064.42 2,611  Cheenae
42 Luanda 5,278,800[97] Metropolitan Municipality-Province[98] 2,180.29[99] 2,421  Angolae
43 Saunt Petersburg 5,131,967[100] Federal Ceety 1,439[27] 3,566  Roushie
44 Abidjan 4,765,000[42] Department/Ceety Destrict 2,119[101] 2,249  Ivory Coast
45 Chengdu 4,741,929[102] Sub-Provincial Ceety 421[102] 11,260  Cheenae
46 Yangon 4,714,000[103] Metropolitan Municipality-Province[104] 598.75[105] 7,873  Myanmar
47 Chennai 4,681,087[106] Municipal Corporation[107] 426.51[108] 21,057  Indie
48 Sydney 4,676,118[109] Municipality 2,036.55 1,919  Australie
49 Alexandria 4,616,625[51] Governorate 2,300[110][111] 2,007  Egyp
50 Chongqing 4,513,137[112] Direct-controlled Municipality[113] 1,435.07 3,145  Cheenae
51 Kolkata 4,486,679[22] Municipal Corporation 200.7 24,252  Indie
52 Xi'an 4,483,426[114] Sub-Provincial Ceety[115] 832.17 5,388  Cheenae
53 Surat 4,462,002[22] Municipal Corporation 326.515[116] 13,666  Indie
54 Johannesburg 4,434,827[117] Municipality Ceety 1,644.98 2,696  Sooth Africae
55 Nanjing File:紫峰大厦.jpeg 4,393,857[118] Sub-Provincial Ceety 742.85 5,915  Cheenae
56 Dar es Salaam 4,364,541[119] Metropolitan Municipality-Province[120] 1,631.12[121] 2,676  Tanzanie
57 Ankara 4,360,438[122] Metropolitan Municipality-Province[123] 1,910.92 2,282  Turkey
58 Suzhou 4,327,066[124] Sub-Provincial Ceety[125] 1,649.72[126] 2,526  Cheenae
59 Harbin 4,280,701[127][128] Sub-Provincial City 1,718.2[129] 2,491.4  Cheenae
60 Melbourne 4,252,458[109] Municipality 9,990.5[130] 1,458  Australie
61 Giza 4,239,988[131] Govrenorate[132] 289.08 14,667  Egyp
62 Zhengzhou 4,122,087[133] Sub-Provincial Ceety[134] 1,015.66 4,059  Cheenae
63 New Taipei Ceety 3,954,929[135] Special Municipality 2,052.57[136] 1,927  Republic o Cheenae (Taiwan)
64 Los Angeles 3,857,799[61] Municipality Ceety[137] 1,213.85 3,178  Unitit States
65 Cape Toun 3,740,026[117] Municipality Ceety 2,444.97 1,530  Sooth Africae
66 Shenyang 3,717,098[138] Sub-Provincial Ceety 166 22,392  Cheenae
67 Yokohama 3,680,267[139] Municipality Ceety 437.38 8,414  Japan
68 Busan 3,590,101[140] Municipality Ceety 766.12[140] 4,686  Sooth Korea
69 Hangzhou 3,560,391[141] Sub-Provincial Ceety 728.19[141] 4,889  Cheenae
70 Xiamen 3,531,347[142] Sub-Provincial Ceety 1,699 2,078  Cheenae
71 Quanzhou 3,520,846[143] Sub-Provincial Ceety 1,062 3,315  Cheenae
72 Berlin 3,517,424[144] Ceety State 891.75 3,944  Germany
73 Jeddah 3,456,259[145] Municipality Ceety 1,765[146] 1,958  Saudi Arabie
74 Durban 3,442,361[117] Municipality Ceety 2,291.31 1,502  Sooth Africae
75 Kabul 3,414,100[147] Municipality Ceety 275 12,415  Afghanistan
76 Hefei 3,352,076[148] Sub-Provincial Ceety[149] 838.52 3,998  Cheenae
77 Pyongyang 3,255,388[150] Direct-controlled Municipality 2,113[151] 1,541  North Korea
78 Madrid 3,207,247[152] Municipality Ceety 605.77 5,294  Spain
79 Ekurhuleni 3,178,470[117] Municipality Ceety 1,975.31 1,609  Sooth Africae
80 Nairobi 3,138,369[153] Caipital Destrict 694.9 4,516  Kenyae
81 Pune 3,115,431[22] Municipal Corporation 450.69 6,913  Indie
82 Addis Ababa 3,103,673[154] Metropolitan Municipality-Province[155] 526.99 5,889  Ethiopie
83 Changsha 3,093,980 Sub-Provincial Ceety[156] 969 3,193  Cheenae
84 Jaipur 3,073,350[22] Municipal Corporation 485 6,337  Indie
85 Wenzhou 3,039,439[157] Sub-Provincial Ceety[158] 1,187.88 2,559  Cheenae

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