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District d'Abidjan
Official seal of Abidjan
Coat of airms o Abidjan
Coat airms
Abidjan is located in Côte d'Ivoire
Location in Ivory Coast
Coordinates: 5°19′N 4°02′W / 5.317°N 4.033°W / 5.317; -4.033[1]
Kintra Côte d'Ivoire
RegionLagunes Region
 • MayorPierre Djédji Amondji (FPI)
 • Ceety2119 km2 (818 sq mi)
 • Urban
422 km2 (163 sq mi)
 • Ceety3,660,682
 • Metro
Time zoneUTC+0 (GMT)

Abidjan is the economic an umwhile offeecial caipital o Côte d'Ivoire, while the current caipital is Yamoussoukro. As o 2011, it is the lairgest ceety in the naition an the third-largest French-speakin ceety in the warld, efter Paris an Kinshasa, but afore Montreal.[3] It haes, accordin tae the authorities o the kintra in 2006, 5,068,858 residents in the metropolitan aurie an 3,796,677 residents in the municipality. Anerlie Lagos, the umwhile caipital o Nigerie, haes a lairger nummer o inhabitants in this region. Considered a cultural hub o Wast Africae, Abidjan is characterisit bi a heich level o industrialisation an urbanization. The ceety staunds in Ébrié Lagoon, on several convergin peninsulaes an islands, connectit bi brigs.

The ceety grew efter the construction o a new wharf in 1931 an its designation as the caipital o the then French colony in 1933. The completion o the Vridi Canal in 1951 enabled it tae become an important sea port. In 1983, Yamoussoukro wis designatit as the naition's caipital, but maist govrenment offices an foreign embassies are still in Abidjan.

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