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Bombay (kent as Mumbai an aw) is a naitural herbour on the wast coast o Indie, an is the caipital ceety o Maharashtra state. It's Indie's maist muckle ceety, an the 4t maist populous ceety proper in the warld. It's cried the commercial caipital o Indie. It haes the Bombay Stock Exchynge an aw major financial trokin is duin there.

Location an History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Locate on the Wast Coast o Indie, the group o islands that haes developit intae the ceety o Bombay, wis likely first recordit as the hame o fishermen whaur a group o Buddhist monks estaiblisht an ootpost durin the later Magadhan empire. The islands wis passed fae ae king tae anither for twa millenia, till the Breetish trade empire decidit tae forder the naitural herbour intil a ceety. In the fower hunder year syne, the ceety has growen bi a series o laund reclamations that jynes the oreeginal islands intil ae mass the nou.

Bi Ony Ither Name[eedit | eedit soorce]

The ceiety wis cried Bombay for maist o the last fower hunder year. The oreegin o the name is kittlie, but is aft thocht tae come fae the Portuguese phrase bom bahia meanin "guid bay". The name Mumbai has been uised in the main local leids for as lang, an is ascribed tae the local goddess, Mumba (ai means "mither" in Marathi, the leid o the state o Maharashtra). The name of the ceety wis chynged tae Mumbai bi an act o the pairliament in 1997.

It's a Muckle Ceety[eedit | eedit soorce]

Jaloused tae hae aboot 15 meellion fowk, the ceety haes growen swith in the bygane fifty year. The main area cried the "Island Ceety" haes the maist dear real estate in the hale o Indie. Acause o this, the ceety has growen a lang wey intil the mainlaund baith tae the north an the east. It is no unuisual for fowk tae commute mair nor an oor tae wark ilka day. Gettin watter, pouer an fuid intil the ceety is a muckle job that's is owerseen bi ceevic agencies, plannin bodies an fowk gaun aboot their business.

Sister ceeties[eedit | eedit soorce]

Mumbai haes sister ceety agreements wi the follaein ceeties:[1]

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Coordinates: 18°58′N 72°50′E / 18.97°N 72.83°E / 18.97; 72.83