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Luanda Province

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Map of Angola with the province highlighted
Map of Angola with the province highlighted

Luanda is a province o Angolae. It haes an aurie o 2,257 km² an a population o 1,823,282 in 2006. Luanda is the caipital o the province an the kintra. The urban agglomeration o Luanda grew tae englobe aw adjoinin municipalities, Belas, Cacuao, Cazenga an Viana. Syne 2011[1] , Luanda Province is subdividit intae seiven municipalities which are the oreeginal ceety o Luanda, then Belas, Cacuaco, Cazenga, Icolo e Bengo, Quiçama an Viana. These are again subdividit intae 47 Communes (Comunas). The oreeginal Luanda province haed been dividit intae the provinces o Luanda an Bengo in 1980[1]. The new reform o 2011 muivit the municipalities Icolo e Bengo an Quiçma frae Bengo tae Luanda.

The province haes creatit the Instituto de Planeamento e Gestão Urbana de Luanda (IPGUL, Institute for urban plannin an management o Luanda) as an independent organ for urban plannin o the province[2].


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