Clan Macdonald o Sleat

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Clan Macdonald o Sleat, whiles kent as Clan Donald North an in Gaelic Clann Ùisdein [klˠ̪aNˈuːʃtʲɛɲ], is a Scots clan an a branch o Clan Donald — ane o the lairgest Scots clans. The foonder o the Macdonalds o Sleat is Ùisdean, 6t great-grandson o Somhairle, a 12t century Rì Innse Gall. The clan is an aa kent in Gaelic as Clann Ùisdein ("children of Ùisdein"), an its chief's Gaelic designation is Mac Ùisdein ("son of Ùisdean"), in reference tae the clan's foonder. Baith the clan an its clan chief are recognised bi the Lord Lyon Keeng o Airms, who is the heraldic authority in Scotland.

The Macdonalds f Sleat participatit in several feuds wi neighbourin clans, maist notably the Macleods o Harris & Dunvegan an the Macleans o Duart. The clan an aa suffered frae infechtin in the early 16t century, as the leadin members o the clan focht an murthert each ither.

The clan seems tae hae grudgingly supportit the Royalist cause in the Wars o the Three Kinricks, an suffered grievously in military defeats against Parliamentarian forces. The clan supportit the Jacobite cause in the 1715 rebellion, yet refused tae come oot for Bonnie Prince Charlie an his faither a generation later in 1745. In the early 18t century, the clan's chief wis involved in a plan tae sell tenants intae slavery in the American Colonies. Bi the late 18t century, the chiefs haed alienatit themselves frae the common clansfolk, when thay seatit themselves in northren Ingland an rarely visitit the auld clan lands. The 18t an 19t centuries witnessed the sufferin o the common clansfolk, as mony wur cleared aff thair lands at the haunds o thair absentee landlords. The day members an descendants o the clan live aw ower the warld.