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Jacobitism (/ˈkɒbtɪsm/; Erse: Seacaibíteachas, Scots Gaelic: Seumasachas) wis the political movement in Great Breetain an Ireland tae restore the Roman Catholic Stuart King James II o England an his heirs tae the thrones o England, Scotland an Ireland[1].

The movement begun in 1688 efter the deposition o James II an VII. He wis replaced bi his dauchter Mary II jointly wi her husband an first cousin William o Orange. The Stuarts bided in the European mainlan efter that, noo an again tryin tae tak back the throne wi the help o France or Spain. The maist important places fur Jacobitism wur Ireland an Scotland, specially the Scottish Hielands. Whauras in England, support fur Jacobitism wis strangest in the north, wi some support in Wales an aw[2].

Jacobitism wis likit bi mony Catholics, as it wis hopit that the Stuarts wad end bad laws. In Scotland, the cause became a lang lastin romantic memory.

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