Clan Macdonald o Clanranald

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Clan Macdonald o Clanranald
Clan member crest badge - Clan Macdonald of Clanranald.svg
Crest: A triple-touered castle Argent masoned Sable, an issuin frae the centre touer a dexter airm in armour embowed graspin a sword aw Proper
MottoMy hope is constant in thee
War cryDh'aindeoin co theiraedh e[1]
Plant badgeCommon heath
Arms of Macdonald of Clanranald.svg
Ranald Alexander Macdonald o Clanranald
The 24t Chief an Caiptain o Clanranald (Mac Mhic Ailein)
SeatMorenish House
Historic seatCastle Tioram

Clan Macdonald o Clanranald is a Scots clan and a branch o Clan Donald ane o the lairgest Scots clans. The foonder o the Macdonalds o Clanranald is Reginald, 4t great-grandson o Somerled. The Macdonalds o Clanranald descend frae Reginald's elder son Allan an the MacDonells o Glengarry descend frae his yunger son Donald. The clan chief o the Macdonalds o Clanranald is tradeetionally designatit as The Caiptain o Clanranald an the day baith the chief an clan are recognised bi the Lord Lyon Keeng o Airms, the heraldic judge in Scotland.

Clan profile[eedit | eedit soorce]

Heraldic staundart o the current clan chief.
  • Clan chief: Tradeetionally the chiefs o Clan Macdonald o Clanranald hae been styled as "The Caiptain o Clanranald". The Hieland or Gaelic designation o the chiefs o the clan is Mac Mhic Ailein.[2] The current chief o the clan is Ranald Alexander Macdonald o Clanranald, who is the 24t Chief an Caiptain o Clanranald.[3][4] The current chief's sloinneadh or pedigree is Ragnhaill Alasdair mac Coinneach Alasdair mhic Tearlach 'ic Raibheart 'ic Raibheart 'ic Cailein 'ic Alasdair 'ic Domhnaill 'ic Ragnhaill Og 'ic Ragnhaill 'ic Ailein 'ic Iain Muideartach 'ic Alasdair 'ic Ailein 'ic Ruairidh 'ic Ailein 'ic Ragnhaill 'ic Eoin 'ic Aonghais Og 'ic Aonghais Mhor 'ic Domhnaill 'ic Ragnhaill 'ic Somhairle.[3]

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