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Featurt airticle Featurt airticle

Robert Burns (25 Januar 1759 in Allowa, Ayrshire21 Julie 1796 in Dumfries), cried Robbie or Rabbie Burns forby, is the naitional poet o Scotland. He scrieved in Scots, wi some Inglis influence whiles. He is weel-kent as the naitional makar o Scotland, an his wark is celebratit athort the warld. Athort the warld he is the best kent o the mony makars that haes wrocht in the Scots leid, tho he screived mony poems in Inglis forby, an in a kin o licht Scots that can be easy read by fowk nae sae acquent wi Scots, within an furth o Scotland. Burns is aften regairdit as a pioneer o the Romantic Muivement, an efter his deith he becam a symbol an important springheid o inspiration tae the foonders o baith Leiberalism an Socialism. He haes become a cultural icon o Scotland, baith in Scotland itsel an amang Scots that haes flittit tae fremmit airts.

Featurt Pictur Featurt pictur

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  • A coup d'état follaed the declaràtion at Ali Bongo wis tae be Gabon's preses yit.
  • The agin-pairties awns cheaterie i the Zimbabwean wale whaur Emmerson Mnangagwa is declaret tae be the kinra's preses again.
  • The Yird Owerrax Day o 2023 is on the 2t o August: fae this date, humanitie hes uised mair ressoorces nor the Yird can be producin i a yeir.

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