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Featurt airticle Featurt airticle


The Muin is an astronomical bouk that orbits planet Yird, bein Yird's anerly permanent naitural satellite. It is the fift-lairgest naitural satellite in the Solar Seestem, an the lairgest amang planetar satellites relative tae the size o the planet that it orbits (its primar). Follaein Jupiter's satellite Io, the Muin is seicond-densest satellite amang thae whase densities are kent.

The Muin is thocht tae hae formed aboot 4.51 billion years ago, nae lang efter Yird. The maist widely acceptit explanation is that the Muin formed frae the debris left ower efter a giant impact atween Yird an a Maurs-sized bouk cried Theia.

The Muin is in synchronous rotation wi Yird, ayeweys shawin the same face, wi its near side merked bi daurk volcanic maria that fill the spaces atween the bricht auncient crustal hielands an the prominent impact craters. As seen frae the Yird, it is the seicont-brichtest regularly veesible celestial object in Yird's sky, efter the Sun. Its surface is actually daurk, awtho compared tae the nicht sky it appears verra bricht, wi a reflectance juist slichtly heicher nor that o worn asphalt. Its gravitational influence produces the ocean tides, bouk tides, an the slicht lenthenin o the day.

Featurt Pictur Featurt pictur

Sydney Harbour Bridge frae Circular Quay, Sydney, New Sooth Wales, Australie.

Sydney Harbour Bridge frae Circular Quay, Sydney, New Sooth Wales, Australie.

Eemage: User:JJ Harrison

Current events Newsins

La Rambla, Barcelona, the steid o a vehicle-rammin attack that killed at least 14 fowk, photografed in 2011
La Rambla, Barcelona, in 2011

Did ye ken? Did ye ken...

Frae a collection o Wikipedia's airticles:

Larry Chief Mouser.jpg

  • ... that the San Juan Boondary Dispute wis stairtit bi the shuitin o a pig?
  • ... that Tails' real name is Miles Prower?
  • ... that the Nepal haes the anerly kintra banner currently wi a non-quadrilateral shape?
  • ... that ower 99% o aw species that ever leeved on Yird are extinct?
  • ... that Larry (picturt) hauds the poseetion o Chief Mooser tae the Cabinet Office?

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