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Ford Versailles

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The Ford Versailles is an automobile. Twa different vehicles hae been sauld as the Ford Versailles:

  • 1954-1957 in Fraunce
  • 1992-1996 in Brazil


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The umwhile Ford SAF plant in Poissy, acquired bi Simca in 1954, manufactured a lairge caur cawed the Simca Vedette. This wis a descendant o the late 1940s/early 1950s Ford Vedette, an wis an aa marketit as Ford Vedette in the Netherlands, Germany an Swaden till 1957. It wis available in fower versions, each o which wis an aa marketit wi a separate model name - Trianon, Versailles, Régence an Marly - hence the "Ford Versailles" appearin in some markets.

Autolatina-biggit Ford Versailles/Galaxy

In Brazil, the Ford Versailles wis a version o the Volkswagen Santana sauld in the 1990s when Ford an Volkswagen shared models in Sooth Americae in a jynt ventur kent as Autolatina. It replaced the Ford Del Rey in 1991, an wis available as a sedan (wi twa or fower doors) an station wagon cawed the Royale, wi ae three doors, even tho the Volkswagen Quantum on which it wis based wis available wi five doors. (It wis alleged that Volkswagen did no want the Royale tae be available as a five-door model, as this wad hae posed a competitive threat tae the popular Quantum.). In 1995 an 1996, Ford an aa sauld a five-door version o the Royale. It wis an aa sauld as the Ford Galaxy in Argentinae, whaur it replaced the Ford Sierra. Baith the Versailles an the Galaxy wur eventually replaced bi the Ford Mondeo.

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