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Ford Anglia

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Ford Anglia
1960 Ford Anglia 105E DeLuxe
ManufacturerFord UK
AssemblyDagenham, England
Halewood, England frae 1963
Bouk an chassis
ClessSmaw faimily car (C)
LayootFront-ingine, rear-wheel-drive
PredecessorFord 7Y
SuccessorFord Escort

The Ford Anglia is a British car from Ford in the United Kingdom. It is related to the Ford Prefect an the later Ford Popular. The Ford Anglia name was applied to following models of 1939 an 1967.

1,594,486 Anglias were produced, after it was replaced by the new Ford Escort.

Super Anglia 123E (1962–1967)[eedit | eedit soorce]

1966 Anglia Super

Frae 1962, the 123E Anglia Super wis available alangside the 105E, replacin the last o the line o Prefects, wi a lairger 1198 cc ingine an ither refinements.

The same caur wis an aa sauld in Europe. Ane Europe-ae variant wis the Anglia Sportsman that carried its spare tyre on the back, somewha seemilar tae the continental kit aften seen in the Unitit States. Chrome bumper owerriders, broad whitewall tyres, an optionally a side stripe kickin up at the end intae the tail-lichts/fin wur an aa fittit.

Towards the end o the run Ford experimentit wi twa colours o metallic paint on the Anglia, "Blue Mink" an "Venetian Gold". 250 wur made in the Blue an 500 wur made in the Gowd, sae thay are baith quite rare.

Anglia saloons wur providit wi various levels o trim. The base model wis the Standard, an this sportit nae chromework, paintit rear licht surroonds, steel slattit grille an leemitit interior trim. The deluxe haed a chrome side strip, chrome rear lichts, glovebox lid, sun visor an full width chrome radiator grille. The tap o the range wis the Super, which haed twin chrome side strips, contrastin coloured ruif an side flash, plusher interior trim, tohegither wi the 1198 cc ingine an a gearbox wi synchromesh on first gear.

Optional extras wur the mechanical upgrade o a Deluxe tae a Super, retainin the Deluxe trim, or the upgrade o a Deluxe tae a Super trim, but retainin the 997 cc ingine, an option rarely taken up.