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The Ford Prefect is a line o British caurs produced bi the UK section o the Ford Motor Company, an a mair upmarket version o its direct siblings the Ford Popular an Ford Anglia. It wis introduced in 1938 an remained in production till 1941; returnin tae the market in 1945, it wis affered till 1961. The caur progressed in 1953 frae its original perpendicular or 'sit-up-an-beg' style tae a mair modern three-box structure.

Like its siblings, the caur became a popular basis for a hot rod especially in Breetain whaur baith its lichtweight structure an its fower cylinder ingines appealed tae builders.

E93A (1938-49)[eedit | eedit soorce]

Ford Prefect E93A

The Ford Prefect wis introduced in 1938 an built bi the Ford plant in Dagenham, Essex. The original Ford Prefect wis a slicht rewirkin o the previous year's 7Y, the first Ford caur designed ootside o Detroit, Michigan. It wis designed specifically for the Breetish market. It haed a 1200 cc side valve ingine wi thermocirculation radiator (nae pump) an the ability tae be stairtit bi a crank handle shoud the battery no hae sufficient pouer tae turn the stairter motor runnin frae the 6 Volt chargin seestem. The windscreen wipers wur pouered bi the vacuum portit frae the ingine intake manifold - as the caur laboured uphill the wipers woud slow tae a standstill due tae the intake manifold vacuum droppin tae near nil, ae tae stairt workin again as the top wis reached an the intake vacuum increased. The windscreen opened forward pivotin on hinges on the top edge; twa flaps either side o the scuttle an aa let air intae the caur.

The maist common body styles wur twa an fower door saloons but pre war a few tourers an coupés wur made. Post war ae fower door saloons wur available on the hame market but twa door models wur made for export.

41,486 wur made up tae 1941[1] an a further 158,007 atween 1945 an 1948.[2]

E493A (1949–53)[eedit | eedit soorce]

Post war, the Prefect design changed little till replaced in 1952. The headlamps moved intae the wings an trafficators wur fittit (internally lit semaphores sprungin oot frae the door pillars tae signal left an richt turns), though due tae space restrictions these wur left oot on the Australian-built Ute. Ae fower door saloons wur available on the hame market, the twa door sector being left tae the Anglia but some wur made for export.[2]

The brakes remained mechanically operated uisin the Girling rod seestem wi 10 in (250 mm) drums an the chassis still haed transverse leaf springs front an rear.

A Prefect testit bi the Breetish magazine The Motor in 1948 haed a top speed o 61 mph (98 km/h) an could accelerate frae 0-0-50 mph (80 km/h) in 22.8 seconds. A fuel consumption o 33.2 miles per imperial gallon (8.5 L/100 km; 27.6 mpg‑US) was recorded. The test car which had the optional leather upholstery cost £412 including taxes. In standard form they commented that it was the cheapest 4-door car on the British market.[3]

192,229 were made.[2]

1950 Canadian-distribution British Ford Prefect

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