Ford 7Y

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Ford 8 (7Y bodied version) 1937.JPG

Ford 7Y is a caur frae Ford built in the Unitit Kinrick between 1938 an 1939.

It wis offeecially marketed as a Ford "Eight", an wis a rebodied an slightly lairger version o the Ford Model Y. During that time 65,098 caurs were produced. The caur wis pouered bi a 933 cc, 8 hp Ford Sidevalve engine.

A minor facelift towards the end o 1939 resulted in the first Ford Anglia.

The caur sported some unusual features such as openable rear windows that wur locatit in the main body wirk as this wis anerlie a twa door vehicle. A rear wheel cover wis available on the de-luxe models with the standard version also haein a recess in the rear bodywirk tae accept the spare wheel, albeit na covered. The storage o the spare wheel in this manner mimics the stylin o the V8 Ford Pilot. This model wis also the last tae be fitted with a 'kink' in the front bumper 'fore the simpler straight bumpers wur introduced on the Ford Anglia (E04A).