Ford Ikon

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Ford Ikon Mark V

The Ford Ikon is a sedan version o the Ford Fiesta Mark V on the Ford B3 platform. It is manufactured an sauld in Indie. It uised tae be manufactured an sauld in Sooth Africae, Mexico an Cheenae whaur production endit in December 2006, September 2007 an 2007 respectively.

The Mexican an Sooth African Ikon wis closely based on the European Mark IV an V Fiesta, deliverin vehicle attributes that wad hae been acceptable tae European customers. The Indie Ikon haes a cheaper suspension, interior an front end structur. The Cheenae Ikon wis somewhaur in atween.

In Mexico, Brazil an Cheenae, the Ikon wis marketit as a Fiesta sedan. In Brazil, this model haes been replaced bi a new 4 door model based on the Sooth American Fiesta. In Sooth Africae, the Ikon haes been replaced bi a different 4 door model based on the European Fiesta Mark VI (but different exterior sheetmetal) an manufactured in Indie. (This vehicle is badged Fiesta in Indie an haes no replaced the Ikon in the Indien mercat.)

Ford Ikon in Indie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Ford relaunched its Ford Ikon in November 2008 wi diesel ingine an better exterior changes makin it match wi the competeetion faced frae Maruti an General Motors in Indie.

Ford Indie introduced its Ford Ikon diesel wi iKool edition wi features lik an iPod compatible muisic seestem, rear spoiler, Autocop Anti Theft seestem an Leather Seat Covers.

Ingines[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 1.3L 55 kW (75 PS; 74 hp) SOHC petrol
  • 1.6L 70 kW (95 PS; 94 hp) SOHC petrol
  • 1.8L 44 kW (60 PS; 59 hp) Diesel I4

Fremmit Airtins[eedit | eedit soorce]