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Ford Model B (1932)

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1932 Ford Model B
Assemblysee list below
Bouk an chassis
ClessFull-size Ford
Body style2-door roadster
2-door coupe
2-door sedan
4-door sedan
2-door cabriolet
2-door phaeton
LayootFR layout
RelatitFord Model Y
Ford Köln
Ford Rheinland
Ingine201 cu in (3.3 L) L-head-4 I4 (Model B)
221 cu in (3.6 l) "Flathead" V8 (Models 18 and 40)
Wheelbase1932: 2,692 mm (106.0 in)
1933: 2,845 mm (112.0 in)
1934: 2,845 mm (112.0 in)
PredecessorFord Model A
SuccessorFord Model 48

The Model B wis a Ford automobile wi production startin wi model year 1932 an endin wi 1934. It wis a muckle updatit version o the Model A an wis replaced bi the 1935 Ford Model 48. Strictly speakin, the Model B wis a fower-cylinder caur wi an improved version o the ingine uised in the Model A, but Ford an aa began producin a very seemilar car wi Ford's new Flathead V‑8 engine. The V‑8 caur wis marketit as the Model 18, tho it is commonly cawed the Ford V‑8, an, ither than the ingine, is virtually indistinguishable frae the Model B.

Up tae this time, Ford haed produced anerlie ane "model" at each time wi range o body options an retained the idea o a single basic platform, despite the ingine choice an twa associatit model designations. (This explains why the colloquial name "Ford V‑8" bi itself wis sufficiently descriptive in the early 1930s; it wis the Ford wi a V‑8, unlik in later decades, when the paradigm o various models tae a mak became universal.) Model B an Model 18 Fords came in a lairge variety o body styles: twa-door roadster, twa-door cabriolet, fower-door phaeton, twa-door an fower-door sedans, fower-door 'woodie" station wagon, twa-door Victoria, twa-door convertible sedan, Panel an sedan deliveries, five-windae coupe, a sport coupe (stationary softtop) an the three-windae Deluxe Coupe. Prices ranged frae US$460 for the roadster an the coupe's $490 tae the $650 convertible sedan. Production totals numbered frae 12,597 for the roadster tae 124,101 for the twa-door sedan. Nouadays, the roadster an coupe ar maist sought efter, as thir body styles ar popular for streetrods an intact ensaumples hae acome rare.

The Model 18 wis the first law-priced, mass-marketit caur tae include a V‑8 ingine, an important milestone in American automotive heestory. The V‑8 wis ratit at 65 hp (48 kW) when introduced, but pouer increased significantly wi improvements tae the carburetor an ignition in later years. This ingine choice wis mair popular than the fower-cylinder, which wis essentially a variant o the Model A engine wi improvements tae balancing an lubrication. In baith models the fuel tank wis locatit in the lawer rear o the car, as is teepical in modren cars, rather than in the cowl as in the Model A an late Model T, requirin Ford tae include an engine-driven fuel pump rather than rely on gravity feed.

The day, the 1932 Model B is a hichtlie collectible caur that fowk will pey thoosans o dollars tae restore tae exact oreeginal style. Durin the WWII period the Model Bs an V‑8s wur frequently altered intae hot rods. This continued intae the 1960s on a lairge scale, bein notit in popular media o that time via a hit sang. Syne the 1970s, 1932 bodies an frames hae been reproduced aither in fiberglass or lately in steel, which haes helped resolve bodywork shortages, an increased the number o "rods" bein creatit or restored. Those that ar made ar aften vera expensive. A teepical auto-show hot rod mey be $60,000 or mair.

Deuce coupe[eedit | eedit soorce]

1932 Ford De Luxe Coupe

Deuce coupe is a slang term uised tae refer tae the 1932 Ford coupe, derived frae the year o manufacture. In the 1940s, the '32 Ford became an ideal hot rod. Hot rodders wad strip wecht off this readily available caur an soup up the ingine. Thay came in twa body styles, the mair common "5-window" (twa door windaes, twa quarter panel windaes, an the rear windae), an the rarer "3-window" De Luxe Coupe that featurt rear-hinged suicide doors.

1933 Ford[eedit | eedit soorce]

1933 Ford Streetrod

The 1933 revision o the caur wis substantial, especially considerin hou important the 1932 chynge haed been. For its seicont year, the Ford's wheelbase wis stretched frae 106 in (2692 mm) tae 112 in (2845 mm) on a new crossmember frame. The grille wis revised, gainin a pointit forrit slope at the bottom which resembled aither a shuil or the 1932 Packard. Baith the grille an huid louvers curved doun an forrit.

Pouer frae the V‑8 wis an aa increast tae 75 hp (56 kW) wi a revised ignition seestem. The fower-cylinder ingine continued unchanged, but wis referred tae (bi some) as the Model C. Ford Motor Company niver referred tae its "Improved Fower-Cylinder ingine" as a "Model C" ingine. This is a common misconception due the introduction o a lairger counterbalanced crankshaft durin the Model B ingine production, an the letter "C" castin merk on maist, but no aw, o the Model B heads. (Model A part number suffix wis ‑A, Police Special Hie Compression heid pairt number suffix wis ‑b, an thare wis a fairly lairge letter "B" castin merk aboot the centre o the heid.) Tot sales for the model year wur up tae 311,113.

1934 Ford[eedit | eedit soorce]

1934 Ford Deluxe Fordor
1934 Ford Model B

The 1934 Ford (cawed the Model 40A) wis na as substantial a model year chynge as the previous twa years haed been. Noticeable changes includit a flatter grille wi a wider surroond an straight huid louvers. V‑8 ootput wis again upped, this time tae 85 hp (63 kW), an the fower-cylinder Model B ingine wis in its last year, as wis the Victoria body style.

Modern hot rods[eedit | eedit soorce]

1932 Ford Hot Rod

Maist newly biggit hot rods uise fiberglass or mair expensive, newly mintit, steel bodies. The classic 1932 Ford lines ar closely reproduced wi new bodies. Whiles oreeginal bodies ar uised, but the cost o originals is quite hicht. 1933 Fords ar an aa popular startin pynts for hot rod construction.

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