Ford Pinto

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Ford Pinto
Ford Pinto
ManufacturerFord Motor Company
Production1971–1980 (in Americae)
AssemblySt. Thomas, Ontario
Edison, New Jersey
Richmond, Californie
Bouk an chassis
ClessSubcompact caur
Body style2-door coupe
2-door sedan delivery
2-door station wagon
3-door hatchback
LayootFR layoot
RelatitMercury Bobcat, Mustang II
Ingine1.6L, 2.0L & 2.3L I4, 2.8L V6
Transmission4-speed manual; "Selectshift Cruise-O-Matic"[1]
Wheelbase94.0 in (2,390 mm)[2]
Lenth163 in (4,100 mm)[1]
Weenth69.4 in (1,760 mm)
Hicht50 in (1,300 mm)
SuccessorFord Escort

The Ford Pinto debuted as a compact caur bi the Ford Motor Company on September 11, 1970, derivin its name frae the Pinto horse an competin in the nascent Unitit States sma caur mercat frae 1971-1980.

Initially offered as a twa-door coupe,[3] Ford ultimately offered the Pinto in coupe, wagon, an hatchback models tae compete wi the AMC Gremlin an Chevrolet Vega, alang wi importit models frae Volkswagen, Datsun, Toyota an ither manufacturers. Bi Januar 1971, the Pinto haed sauld ower 100,000 units.[4] In its last model year, Ford biggit 68,179 units.[5]

A rebadged variant, the Bobcat, debuted in 1974 in Canadae an in Mairch 1975 in the US.[6] The Pinto an the smawer Ford Fiesta wur ultimately replaced bi the front-wheel-drive Ford Escort.

The Pinto's legacy wis affected bi controversy surroondin the safety o its gas tank design, Ford's 1978 recall o the caur, an a later study concludin the Pinto wis as safe or safer than ither caurs in its class.[7]

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