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See an aa Ford Explorer Sport Trac for the Explorer-based pickup truck
1995-1998 Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer is a mid-size SUV sold in North Americae an built bi the Ford Motor Company since 1990, as a replacement for the smawer but relatit Ford Bronco II. It is manufactured in Louisville, Kentucky (it wis an aa assembled in Hazelwood, Missouri till the plant closed on Mairch 10, 2006). The Ford Explorer wis instrumental in turnin the SUV frae a special-interest vehicle intae ane o the maist popular vehicle types on the road. It is markit as Ford's anerlie mid-sized SUV an is slottit atween the lairger Ford Expedition an the smawer Ford Escape. Though the Ford Escape is a crossower an the Expedition an Explorer ar traditional SUVs, Ford considers aw three vehicles tae make up their "SUV" portfolio. Their "crossower" portfolio consists o the Ford Flex an the Ford Edge.

The Explorer haes an aa been involved in controversy, efter a spate o fatal rollower accidents involvin Explorers fittit wi Firestone tyres.

Baith twa-door Explorer Sport an fower-door models o Explorer hae been sold. Part-time fower-wheel drive is an available option, an since 1995 this haes been a 'shift on the fly' system wi full protection against being engaged at hie speed.

A specially modified Special Service Vehicle version is an aa available frae Ford Fleet for law enforcement agencies, fire departments, an EMS agencies.

Explorer wis also the name o a trim package offered on the Ford F-Series trucks frae 1968 tae 1986.