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Ford Expedition

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2002 Ford Expedition

The Ford Expedition is a full-size SUV biggit bi the Ford Motor Company. Introduced in 1997 as a replacement tae the Ford Bronco, it wis previously slottit atween the smawer Ford Explorer an the lairger Ford Excursion, but as o the 2005 model year, it is Ford's lairgest an last truck-based, aff-road an tow capable SUV. Ford currently affers the staundart regular-sized model an the lairger EL/Max model, succeedin the Excursion which wis discontinued in 2005. It is the seicont Ford vehicle tae uise the Expedition name, as it wis pairt o the Explorer Sport's trim models durin the 1995 model year. Aw Expeditions wur oreeginally biggit in Wayne, Michigan. In 2009, Ford shiftit its current third generation (2007–present) model production tae Louisville, Kentucky as Ford haes begun convertin the Wayne assembly plant tae stairt biggin the future production o the Focus.

Vehicle Backgrund[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Expedition affers up tae nine passenger seatin (wi a front bench seat option on its XLT trim, which wis discontinued efter the 2009 model year) an a V8 ingine. It is seemilar tae the Lincoln Navigator, especially for the 2007–present model in Limited or King Ranch heich end trims; baith o which wur introduced for the 2005 model year. Wi the 2011 model year Ford made chynges in the base level depairtment, wi the newly designatit XL trim a staundart an upgradin the XLT tae seicont level an replacin the Eddie Bauer trim that wis phased oot frae the entire Ford vehicle lineup. Ower 1,500,000 Expeditions hae been sauld syne its introduction. A specially modified Special Service Vehicle version is an aa available frae Ford for law enforcement agencies, fire depairtments, an EMS agencies.