Ford Squire

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A less expensive variant the Ford Squire wis brandit as the Ford Escort: this wis the first uise bi Ford o Breetain o a name which wad acome weel kent athort Europe an North Americae when applee'd tae Ford's mainstream sma faimily caurs manufactured frae the late 1960s (Europe) / early 1980s (USA).

The Ford Squire is a caur frae Ford for the Unitit Kinrick mercat biggit atween 1955 an 1959.

It wis a twa door, fower seat estate design, the brither tae the Ford Prefect 100E fower door saloon, sharin the same 1172 cc Ford sidevalve 36 bhp (27 kW) ingine an ither pairts an the same interior trim. It wis substantially shorter than baith the Prefect an the closely relatit Ford Anglia 100E twa door saloon. It uised the short front doors o the fower-door model acause the bodyshell wis optimized for uise as a panel van (which wis marketed as the Thames 300E). The rear door wis in twa pieces split horizontally. The rear seat coud be foldit flat tae convert frae a fower seater tae a load carrier. Till 1957 thare wur wid trim pieces screwed tae the sides o the vehicle.

The Squire competit in the same mercat segment as the Hillman Husky an the Austin A30 / A35 based estate: thir wur significantly mair popular in the UK than langer estates at the time. Tot production wis 17,812 caurs.

The Ford Escort wis a mechanically identical estate caur but based on the Ford Anglia which haed a lawer trim level. This proved mair popular an a tot o 33,131 Escorts wur produced atween 1955 an 1961.[1] Production o the Escort continued till 1961, twa years langer than the Squire.

The Breetish Motor magazine testit a Squire in 1955 recordin a tap speed o 69.9 mph (112.5 km/h) an acceleration frae 0-50 mph (80 km/h) in 20.2 seconds an a fuel consumption o (7.91 L/100 km; 29.7 mpg-US). The test caur which haed the optional heater cost £668 includin taxes.[2]

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