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Ford Eifel

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Ford Eifel 1938

Ford Eifel wis a caur manufactured bi Ford Germany an Ford Hungary atween 1935 an 1940. It wis derived frae the Ford Model C platform, an is relatit tae the contemporary Ford Anglia an Ford Prefect.

Aboot 60,000 o them wur produced. The ingine wis a fower cylinder, fower stroke 1172 cc givin 34 hp (25 kW) at 4250 rpm. It wis made wi mony different body types, sic as a twa door sedan, a twa door cabrio coach, twa an fower seat cabriolet, twa seater roadster an a licht truck. It replaced the Ford Köln an it wis itself replaced bi the Ford Taunus.

The model wis named efter the Eifel muntain range in wastren Germany.