Ford Zephyr

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Ford Zephyr
Ford Zephyr Mark II Saloon
ManufacturerFord of Britain
Production1952 - 1972
Dagenham, Unitit Kinrick
New Zealand
Salisbury, Rhodesie (FMCR)
Sooth Africae
Bouk an chassis
PredecessorFord Pilot
SuccessorFord Consul
Ford Granada

The Ford Zephyr wis a caur manufactured bi the Ford Motor Company in the Unitit Kinrick. Atween 1950 an 1972, it wis sauld as a mair pouerful sax-cylinder saloon tae complement the fower-cylinder Ford Consul: frae 1962 the Zephyr itself wis offered in baith fower- an sax-cylinder versions.

The Zephyr an its luxury variant, the Zephyr Zodiac which appeared in 1955, wur the lairgest passenger caurs in the Breetish Ford range frae 1950 till thay wur replaced in 1971 bi a lairger Ford Consul an Granada.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Mark I Ford Consul an Zephyr models wur first displayed at the Earl's Court motor shaw in 1950. Thay wur the first tae uise in mass production the MacPherson Strut independent front suspension which is still widely uised the day. Production began wi the Consul on Januar 1, 1951. The Mark I model ran till 1956. Frae Aprile 1956 the Mark II Consul, Zephyr an Zodiac went on sale an wur kent as the Three Graces. The Mark II range wis a big seller an finished its run in 1962 when frae Aprile that year the Mark III Zephyr 4, Zephyr 6 an Zodiac went on sale; the Consul name wis dropped, the caur's place in the Ford UK line-up bein filled bi the first fower-cylinder Ford Zephyr. While the Mark II Zephyr an Zodiacs haed shared the same body (the Consul haed shorter front guards an bulkhead), the new Zodiac an Zephyrs launched in 1962 shared few body panels. Wi the Mark III, Ford finally sortit oot problems that haed beset previous models (Mark I axles an Mark II gearboxes wur parteecular weaknesses) an the Mark III proved tae be the maist popular an durable o the range (it is said that possibly nae ither UK-based caur haed unnergane as much pre-production testin). The model sauld at a rate equal tae or better nor the Mark II baith in the UK an overseas, but wis in production for a shorter time. During the last months o production, an up-mercat Executive version wis addit tae the Mark III range, an examples o thir are the day hichtlie sought efter. The Mk III range wis discontinued in Januar 1966 (mony believe prematurely gien the caurs' success) an the completely new Zephyr / Zodiac Mark IV range wis released in Aprile 1966. This caur wis somewha ahead o its time wi a design that anticipatit the later Consul/Granada range wi V-ingines an independent rear suspension, but the research an development o the model wis very rushed an this unfortunately reflectit in its durability.

Awtho the Ford Zephyr niver saw American production, caurs wur importit intae the US an the name itself haes appeared on ither American Ford-relatit caurs: the Mercury Zephyr wis an upscale version o the Ford Fairmont, an the Lincoln Zephyr began its seicont production run in 2006 (the first wis frae 1936 tae 1942).