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Rhodesie (pronounced /roʊˈdiːʒə/ (deprecatit template)), offeecially the Republic o Rhodesie frae 1970, wis an unrecognised state locatit in soothren Africae that existit atween 1965 an 1979 follaein its Unilateral Declaration o Independence frae the Unitit Kinrick on 11 November 1965. Wi its government based at the umwhile colonial caipital o Salisbury, its territory consistit o the umwhile Breetish colony o Soothren Rhodesie. The state wis named efter Cecil Rhodes, whose British South Africa Company acquired the land in the 19t century.

The landlockt kintra bordered Sooth Africae tae the sooth, Botswana (post-1966) tae the soothwast, Zambie tae the northwast an Mozambique (a Portuguese territory till 1975) tae the east. The state wis governed bi a predominantly white minority government till 1979, initially as a self-governin colony then, efter the Unilateral Declaration o Independence as a self-proclaimed sovereign Dominion an latterly a Republic.

Throughoot its history, Rhodesie continued tae be referred to by the British, who did no recognize the state, as "Soothren Rhodesie". Afore 1964, the name "Rhodesie" haed referred tae the territory consistin o Soothren Rhodesie an Northren Rhodesie which formed the Federation o Rhodesia an Nyasaland. It consistit o modern Zambie, Zimbabwe, an Malawi; housomeivver, when the umwhile colony o Northren Rhodesie renamed itself Zambie on independence in 1964, Nyasaland renamed itself Malawi in 1964, an the colony o Soothren Rhodesie chynged its name tae simply "Rhodesie". Housomivver, the chynge haed no yet been offeecially ratified when Rhodesie declared itself independent, an as a result, the Breetish Government continued tae refer tae the breakaway colony as "Soothren Rhodesie" throughoot its existence, a stance it maintained regardin the Juin–December 1979 successor state o Zimbabwe Rhodesie. Therefore, when Zimbabwe Rhodesia returned tae colonial status frae December 1979 tae Aprile 1980, it wis as "Soothren Rhodesie", which, accordin tae Breetain, it haed niver ceased tae be cawed. Soothren Rhodesie subsequently gained internaitional recognition o its independence in Aprile 1980, when it became the independent Republic o Zimbabwe.