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Cauld War

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(Reguidit frae Cold War)
Photograph o the Berlin Waw taken frae the Wast side. The Waw wis biggit in 1961 tae prevent East Germans frae fleein Communism an tae stap an economically disastrous drain o wirkers. It wis an iconic seembol o the Cauld War an its faw in 1989 marked the approachin end o the War.

The Cauld War wis a sustained state o poleetical an militar tension atween pouers in the Wastren Bloc (the Unitit States wi NATO an ithers), an pouers in the Eastren Bloc, (the Soviet Union (USSR) an its allies in Warsaw Pact). Historians hae nae fully agreed on the dates, but 1947 - 1989 is common. It wis "cauld" acause thare wis no muckle-scale fichtin directly atween the twa sides, althou thare wur major regional wars in Korea an Vietnam. The Cauld War split the temporary wartime alliance against Nazi Germany, leavin the USSR an the US as twa superpouers wi profoond economic an poleetical differences ower capitalism an democracy. A deliberately neutral groupin arose wi the Non-Aligned Movement foondit bi Egyp, Indie, an Yugoslavie; this faction rejectit association wi either the US-led Wast or the Soviet-led East.