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Ford Pilot

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Ford Pilot E71A
Ford V8 Pilot saloon
ManufacturerFord UK
Cried an awFord V8 Pilot [1]
AssemblyUnitit Kinrick
Australie [2]
Bouk an chassis
ClessMid-size / Lairge faimily caur (D)
Body style4-door saloon
4-door estate caur
2-door pick-up
2-door coupe utility [3]
Ingine2.2 L V-8
3.6 L V-8
Wheelbase108.25 in (2,750 mm)[4]
Lenth175 in (4,445 mm)
Weenth69.5 in (1,765 mm)
Crib wecht3,200 lb (1,500 kg)
PredecessorFord Model 62 [5]
SuccessorFord Zephyr

The Ford Pilot wis a muckle caur frae Ford introduced in August 1947. It wis effectively replaced in 1951 wi the launch o Ford UK's Zephyr Sax an Consul models, tho V8 Pilots wur still offered for sale, bein gradually withdrawn during that year. During the period o manufacture 22,155 caurs wur produced.

Engine an running gear[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Pilot wis the first muckle post-war Ford. It wis based on a pre-war 22 hp chassis, an wis initially offered wi the 2227 cc side-valve ingine frae the 1939 model. The engine wis suin replaced: maist Pilots wur fitted wi a mair generously pouered 3622 cc, 90 hp (67 kW) sidevalve V8 engine, haein a stroke o 92.25 mm an bore o 79 mm wi single Solex carburettor. It haed 6-volt electrics. The gears wur changed bi means o a gear lever on the steering column; the gearbox itself haed three forrit ratios an ane reverse. Steering uised a form o worm an roller seestem kent as a Marles steering box wi an "hour-glass cam an a double roller". The caur wis evidently seen as rather auld-fashioned even at the time, but its front brakes wur hydraulically-controlled. The rear brakes wur rod-operated.

Maist Pilots wur fower-door saloons, but Estate an pick-up versions wur produced, the latter for the export mercat anerlie. The front windscreen coud be opened for ventilation pivoting aboot a tap hinge. Production ended in 1951 when the Pilot wis replaced bi the Ford Zephyr.

Lik ither Fords o the era, the Pilot uised vacuum-driven wipers takin thair pouer frae the engine manifold; as a result thay tended tae slow drastically or even stap when full throttle wis uised unner load. The caur wis reputed tae be capable o 80 mph (130 km/h) an hae a 0 tae 60 mph (96 km/h) time o 21 seconds an return 18 mile per imperial gallon (16 L/100 km; 15 mpg-US).

Competition[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Pilot achieved some sportin success an Ken Wharton drove ane tae victory in the 1950 Tulip Rally an Lisbon Rally.

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