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Ford Model F

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Ford Model F
DesignerHenry Ford
Bouk an chassis
Body style2-row phaeton
Ingine127CID[1] 12hp[2] Flat-2
Transmission2-speed planetar[1]
Wheelbase84 in (2134 mm)[1][2]
Crib wecht1400 lb (635 kg)
PredecessorFord Model C
SuccessorFord Model N

The Ford Model F is an automobile producit bi the Ford Motor Company. It wis a development o the Model A an Model C, but wis lairger, mair modren, an mair luxurious. It wis a fower-seater phaeton wi runnin boards an a side-entrance tonneau standard. Production startit in 1905 an endit in 1906 efter aboot 1000 wur made. In 1905, it wis priced at $2,000; bi contrast, the Colt Runabout wis US$1500,[3] the FAL wis US$1750,[4] the Cole 30 US$1500,[4] the Enger 40 US$2000,[4] an the Lozier Licht Sax Metropolian US$3,250.[5]

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