Ford Model N

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Ford Model N
ManufacturerFord Motor Company
Cried an awModel R
Model S
DesignerHenry Ford
Bouk an chassis
Body style2-row phaeton
Ingine149 cu in (2,440 cc) 15 hp (11 kW; 15 PS) Model N[1][2][3] straight-4
Transmission2-speed planetar[2][3]
Wheelbase84 in (213 cm)
Crib wecht800 lb (363 kg) (1906); 1,050 lb (476 kg) (1907 Model N); 1,400 lb (635 kg) (1907 Models R an S)[2]
PredecessorFord Model F
SuccessorFord Model T

The Ford Model N wis a cheap automobile produced bi the Ford Motor Company. It wis introduced in 1906 as a successor tae the Models A, C an F as the company's cheap entry-level line.

The Model N diverged frae its predecessors in that it wis a front-engine caur wi a 4-cylinder ingine. The 15 hp straight-4 drove the rear wheels via a lang shaft. The caur haed a wheelbase size o 84 in (2.1 m).

A successfu model, 7000 caurs wis made til production endit in 1908. At $500, the caur wis viewed as heich affordable at the time; bi contrast, the hie-volume Oldsmobile Runabout wis sellt for US$650, Western's Gale Model A wis US$500, the Brush Runabout US$485, the Black wis sellt for as laich a price as $375, an the Success hit the mazin law US$250.

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