Ford Model C

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The Ford Model C wis introduced in 1904 an wis a version o the first Ford Model A wi mair modern look, slightly mair pouerful ingine an 15 cm (6 inches) langer wheelbase. It wis the entry-level caur in the Ford model lineup, slottin belaw the upscale Model B. Production endit in 1905 wi 800 caurs made. The Model C wis replaced bi the derivative Model F in 1905.

Baith Models A and C wur produced at the same time, but the Model A coud an aa be bought wi a Model C ingine, an option called Ford Model AC. The Model C engine is a flat-2 givin 8 hp (6 kW) at first an 10 hp (7 kW) bi 1905. The Model C wis sold for $850, wi the option o makin it a fower-seater for an extra $100. The top cost extra, rubber for $30 an leather for $50.

Although the Model C haed a protrudin front "box" like a modern caur, unlike the flat-front Model A, this wis purely ornamental — the ingine remained unner the seat.

The Model C wis the first vehicle tae be built at Ford Motor Company o Canadae.