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Ford Capri

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1986 Ford Capri Mk III Laser

Ford Capri wis a name uised bi the Ford Motor Company for three different automobile models. The Ford Consul Capri coupé wis produced bi Ford o Breetain atween 1961 an 1964. The Ford Capri coupé wis produced bi Ford o Europe frae 1969 tae 1986. The Ford Capri convertible wis produced bi the Ford Motor Company of Australia frae 1989 tae 1994.

The Capri name wis an aa uised bi Ford's Lincoln-Mercury Division on sax different models which did no bear the Ford name. The Lincoln Cosmopolitan Capri frae 1950 tae 1951; the Lincoln Capri frae 1952 tae 1959; the Mercury Comet Capri in 1966-1967; an three different Mercury Capris frae 1970 tae 1977, 1979 tae 1986, an 1991 tae 1994. The Ford Capri's European advertisin slogan wis "The car you always promised yourself". The North American advertisin campaign wis "Capri: The Sexy European".

Ford Capri ootside Europe

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North Americae

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Mercury Capri

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1973 Mercury Capri 2600

Frae 1970 tae 1978, the Capri wis sauld in North Americae throu Ford's Lincoln-Mercury Diveesion. Aw wur Germany-produced. Headlamps wur fower roond sealed-beams, an turn signal lamps wur grill mountit on aw U.S.-spec 1971-74 Capris an 1976-78 Capri II's. Ford huid letters wur replaced wi Capri letters, an a trunk-mountit Mercury script wis addit.[1] Full instrumentation wisna available on 1971-72 4-cylinder models but wis made standard equipment frae 1973 on. An optional interior decor package, chynged bi name tae the "Ghia" package for the Capri II, featurt deluxe interior trim an features. 1973 Ford Capris wur the Mk I facelift models featurin the new grill, lairger taillichts an new interior an dash. The '73 model haed the Federally-mandatit 5-mph front bumper for '73. The bumper wis extendit, the gap closed wi a siller filler panel. 1974 models haed lairger bumpers front an rear wi wraparoond urethane, body-colour bumper covers tae meet the revised Federal front an rear 5 mph staundart. 1976-78 models wur the re-designed hatchback models affered warldwide syne 1974, fittit wi the grill-mountit turn signal lamps an the required roond sealed-beam heidlamps, 5 mph body-colour bumpers an catalytic converter, requirin nae-lead fuel. In 1976, an 'S' (JPS) special edition featurt black or white paint wi gowd-coloured wheels, gowd pinstripin, an upgradit twa-tone interior in beige an black.

Sooth Africae

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Ford o Sooth Africae assembled the Capri frae 1970 tae 1972 wi a seemilar model range tae the UK. Nae facelift models or RS variants wur marketit in Sooth Africae.

Aboot 500 Capris wur convertit bi specialist Basil Green Motors tae run the 302 Ford Windsor V8 ingine. Thir models wur kent as the Capri Perana an wur vera successfu in local tourin caur events, winnin the 1970 Sooth African championship an, in a different format, the 1971 championship as well.

Nae Mk II an Mk III Capris wur exportit tae, or biggit in Sooth Africae. Maist o the Capris that survive in Sooth Africae are 1.6 or 3.0 models. Fewer 1.3 an 2.0 models survive.

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