Lincoln Capri

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Lincoln Capri
Lincoln Capri Sedan 1953.jpg
1953 Lincoln Capri sedan
ManufacturerFord Motor Company
Bouk an chassis
ClessFull-size luxury caur
LayootFR layoot

The Lincoln Capri wis a full-size automobile sauld bi Ford's Lincoln luxury diveesion. It wis introduced for the 1952 model year an discontinued suin efter the 1959 model year.

Model history[eedit | eedit soorce]

1952 sparked the Capri the Cosmopolitan - haes been made but still - as a tap model form. The somewha fresh styled caurs wur available as a 4-door sedan, a haurdtop coupe an convertible, each wi 2 doors. Lik its sister models, the Capri wis a tap doun V8 ingine wi 5201 cc displacement, the minimum 118 kW (160 bhp) at 3,900 rpm. developed. The ingine pouer wis transmittit via a "Hydramatic" automatic transmission tae the rear wheels. Durin the follaein year, the bodies remain the same, the same size ingine nou developed 151 kW (205 bhp).

In 1954, the vehicles haed risen slichtly in size an wecht, an war aboot 25 mm langer an 25 mm wider. On the huid thare wis a lairge V in chromed metal ablo the Lincoln emblem. The ingine, houiver, remained the same. Again in 1955 the styling wis revised slichtly: The chrome grille lost his crossbar. In addition thare wis a bigger ingine: frae 5588 cm ³, he drew 165 kW (225 bhp) at 4,400 rpm.

1956 wis a major face lift: the vertical chrome bar in the grille an the heidlichts wur returned fashionable barges. The side mauldins formed in the rear doors wis a Z. Again instawed a lairger ingine, which drew frae 6030 cm ³ 210 kW (285 bhp). The convertible wis accoontit for. At the same time wur the sales figures dramatically. The pouer steerin - aften previously selectit optional equipment - wis nou staundart.

In the next model year, the rear o the caur throu giant, chynged significantly efter ootreachin obliquely rear tail fins. On the front wur addit belaw the heidlichts auxiliary lichts an the grille haes been designed a little easier. The side mauldings ran back substantially straucht, ae in the aurie o the rear bumper, thay formed a sma V. The remainin twa body styles, a 4-door haurdtop sedan came up. The performance o the itherwise unmodified ingine wis raised tae 221 kW (300 bhp).

In 1958, the bodies wur completely redesigned. The front grille wis a wide an hie wi mony sma rectangles that wis flanked on obliquely set dooble heidlichts. The significantly langer an hivier vehicles wur nou back - as the front syne 1957 - a panoramic screen. The new design an aa correspondit tae the lairger ingine wi 7046 cc ingine an Holley fower-barrel carburetor. It developed 276 kW (375 bhp) at 4800 rpm.

1959, the final year o Capri, haed the "airms race" is ower: The caurs wur 50 mm shorter, an the ingine pouer bi 25 bhp less. Stylistically, chynged little. The follaein year sparked the new Continental Mark V frae the Capri as a tap model.