Mercury Capri

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The Mercury Capri wis marketit in North Americae bi the Lincoln-Mercury division o the Ford Motor Company. The Mercury Capri wis sauld in the US as three distinctly different caurs ower three decades. The Capri for the 1971-74 model years an Capri II for 1976-77 wur Ford captive imports made in Germany. At its peak, Capri sales in North Americae wur the hichtest for ony import model except the Volkswagen Beetle. These Capris, nou fairly rare, are becomin sought efter for restoration acause o their stylin, performance & relative affordability. The Capri frae 1979-86 wis a rebadged Ford Mustang made in the US, an frae 1991–94, a convertible frae Ford Motor Company of Australia.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The oreegin o the name efter the Italian island o Capri, dates back tae the Lincoln Capri o the 1950s. The European Ford Capri wis developed as a "baby Mustang" for that market, a 2-door caur wi a short trunklid (later hatchback) an a lang hood.

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