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Ford Del Rio

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1957 Ford Del Rio.

The Ford Del Rio wis a full-size station wagon produced bi the Ford Motor Company in the Unitit States for model years 1957 an 1958. The model wis an aa marketit unner the name Del Rio Ranch Wagon.

The impetus for the creation o the Del Rio wis Ford’s desire tae remain in the twa-door sport wagon mercat startit bi the Chevrolet Nomad an Pontiac Safari, an the decision tae discontinue the company’s oreeginal attempt at sport wagon, the premium Parklane, which failed tae entice buyers during 1956, its ae year in production.

While the Nomad wis Chevrolet’s maist expensive model, afferin a premium vehicle wi a show caur inspired body style, the Del Rio wis strictly based on an existin product, the utilitarian twa-door Ranch Wagon, Ford’s least expensive station wagon.

Beginnin wi the basic body, buyers o the Del Rio offered a unique twa-tone paint scheme (optional), better quality interior an exterior brightwirk (includin gowd anodised aluminium accents) an a hichter grade vinyl upholstery. Del Rio buyers an aa haed thair choice o aither Ford’s “Mile-Maker” 144 hp sax or its “Thunderbird” 212 hp V-8 pouer.

Lik aw ither Ford station wagons at that time, the Del Rio uised a twa piece tailgate – a featur that dealers emphasised wis an advantage ower GM’s steeply raked rear-gate an self storin windae which wur kent for watter leaks in hivy rains.

While the Ford sauld mair Del Rio's in 1957 (46,105) than Chevrolet did wi its Nomad in its three year o production, Ford terminated the Del Rio program at the end o the 1958 model year efter selling anerlie 12,687 o its "sport wagons".