Ford Windstar

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Ford Windstar
ManufacturerFord Motor Company
Cried an awMercury Monterey (see below)
Production1994–2007 (2004–2007 as Ford Freestar)
AssemblyOakville, Ontario, Canadae (Oakville Assembly)
Bouk an chassis
LayootFF layoot

The Ford Windstar is a minivan that wis produced an sauld bi the Ford Motor Company frae Mairch 1994 (for the 1995 model year) tae 2003. This front-wheel drive minivan wad eventually replace Ford's agin rear-wheel drive Aerostar minivan. The twa ran concurrently for three model years till the Aerostar's demise in 1997. For the 2004 model year, it wis replaced bi the Freestar. Aw Windstars wur biggit in Oakville, Ontario, Canadae.

Unlik maist Fords, the Windstar did no hae a seemilar Mercury vehicle "twin", an wis completely unrelatit tae the Mercury Villager (awtho the Windstar's successor the Ford Freestar did hae a twin, the Mercury Monterey.

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