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Ford Verona

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Ford Verona/Volkswagen Apollo
Cried an awVolkswagen Apollo
Ford Orion
Production1989-1992 and 1993-1996
Bouk an chassis
LayootFront-ingine, front-wheel drive
PredecessorFord Del Rey
SuccessorFord Escort saloon

The Ford Verona wis a caur sauld in Brazil in the 1990s. It wis a locally designed twa-door saloon version o the European Ford Orion Mk 1, intendit tae cater tae Brazilian demand for twa-door sedans (nae twa-door Orion wis available in Europe). It an aa featurt the vera efficient CHT 1.6 ingine an, in the tap version, the Volkswagen AP 1.8 liter ingine (same that wis an aa uised in the Audi 80). It wis an aa slichtly different frae the Ford Orion mechanically.

In 1993 came a new generation, based on the European Ford Orion Mk 3 (the last o European Orion). This version wis pouered bi the classic Volkswagen AP ingine insteid o the traditional CHT ingine an the gearbox frae the Volkswagen Jetta. Thare wis a successfu fower-door sedan version as well.

Unner the Autolatina jynt ventur, which saw Ford an Volkswagen share models in Brazil an Argentinae, the Mk 3½-based version wis an aa sauld bi Volkswagen as the Apollo, an later the Mk 4-based version wis named Logus. Baith featurt VW's awn interior design.

The Verona wis available till 1996, when it wis nae langer produced.