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Ford S-Max

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The Ford S-Max (written Ford S-MAX) is an MPV/sedan produced bi the Ford Motor Company for the European mercat an bi Chang'an Ford Automobile Co., Ltd for the Cheenese (Mainland) mercat. Introduced at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show, the S-Max went on sale alangside the new generation Galaxy in Juin 2006. It is intendit tae be sporty lik a sedan an spacious lik an MPV. It shows inspiration frae the seiven-seater muckle MPV Galaxy an compact MPV Ford C-Max. The S-Max haes received mony positive reviews an awairds, an wis voted European Caur o the Year 2007 on 13 November 2006. In the future, Ford is plannin tae sell the S-Max in Japan unner the subsidiary brand Mazda.


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The S-Max is the first vehicle in Ford's lineup tae featur thair Kinetic Design stylin. The Kinetic Design scheme includes angular heidlichts, twin trapezoidal grilles, an muckle wheelarches.

Ane major sellin pynt o the S-Max is its "Fold Flat System". This design allaws the seicont an third-row seats tae fold seamlessly intae the floor, leavin extra storage space.

For the Inglis-speakin markets thare ar three derivatives o the S-Max; Edge, Zetec, an the hicht-end Titanium. Ford haes statit that aroond saxty percent o aw S-Max buyers choose Titanium specification. Continental trim levels ar Trend, Titanium an the tap o the line Titanium S.

In Mairch 2008, a pouerful 2.2 175PS TDCi common-rail diesel wis addit tae Titanium series an delivers acceleration frae 0-60 mph in 9.0 seiconts.

In September 2008, the popular 2.0 140PS TDCi manual ingine wis offered wi a CO2 o 159 g/km.