Ford Torino

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Ford Torino
ManufacturerFord Motor Company
AssemblyAtlanta, Georgie, Unitit States
Lorain, Ohio, Unitit States
Chicago, Illinois, Unitit States
Oakville, Ontario, Canadae
Bouk an chassis
LayootFR layoot
PredecessorFord Fairlane
SuccessorFord LTD II

The Ford Torino is an intermediate caur produced bi the Ford Motor Company for the North American mercat atween 1968 an 1976, named efter the ceety o Turin (Torino, in Italian), which is considered the Detroit o Italy. It wis initially an upscale version o the intermediate sized Ford Fairlane, which Ford produced atween 1962 an 1970. Efter 1968, the Fairlane name wis retained for the base models wi lawer levels o trim than those models which wore the Torino name. During this time, the Torino wis considered a subseries tae the Fairlane. Bi 1970 Torino haed acome the primary name for Ford's intermediate, an the Fairlane wis nou a subseries o the Torino. In 1971 the Fairlane name wis dropped aathegither an aw Ford intermediates wur cawed Torino. This name wis ane o several oreeginally proposed for the Mustang while in development. The Torino wis essentially a twin tae the Mercury Montego line.

Maist Torinos wur conventional caurs, an generally the maist popular models wur the 4-door sedans an 4-door hardtops. Housomeivver, Ford produced some hie performance versions o the Torino bi fittin them wi lairge pouerful ingines, sic as the 428 cu in (7.0 L) an 429 cu in (7.0 L) "Cobra-Jet" ingines. Thir caurs ar clessifee'd as muscle caurs. Ford an aa chose the Torino as the base for its NASCAR entrants, an it haes a hichtlie successfu racin heritage.