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Ford LTD II sedan

The Ford LTD II wis a mid-size caur built bi the Ford Motor Company between 1977 an 1979 for the North Americaen market. It wis based on the Ford Torino, which it replaced, an uised the same platform as the concurrent Ford Thunderbird, which wis dounsized an dramatically reduced in price for 1977 tae occupy the market position of the 1974-76 Ford Elite, which wis a Torino derivative designed tae compete wi the popular Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

When Ford redesigned its mid-sized models for 1977, the Torino name wis replaced bi "LTD II" in an attempt tae convince consumers that this wis really a dounsized full-size caur, much like the new Chevrolet Impala an Caprice. The LTD IIs stylin emulated the squared-off grille an body lines o the lairger LTDs, which wur produced until the 1978 model year. A twa-door coupe an fower-door sedan wur available in all three model years, with a fower-door station wagon offered for 1977 anerlie. It wis also the platform for the final Ford Rancheros.

While 1977 sales wur reasonably strong, they dropped dramatically for 1978 an 1979 in the face o newly downsized intermediate models frae General Motors, as well as Chrysler's new Dodge Diplomat an Chrysler LeBaron an Ford's awn Fairmont, which took over the mid-size wagon slot for 1978. Ford downsized its awn full-size LTD for 1979, wi dimensions vera similar tae the LTD II.

The LTD II wis na directly replaced in the Ford lineup. In 1980, the Fox platform-based Granada effectively took its place as the mid-size offering, while the full-sized LTD continued wi similar dimensions.

Ingine choices wur all V8s; the 5.0 L 302 Windsor, the 5.8 L 351M, the 5.8 L 351 Windsor, or the 6.6 L 400 Cleveland. The 400 wis na available in 1979. The 302 wis na available in California.

Highly modified 1977-79 Ranchero

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