Ford Model TT

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1919 Model TT Truck
1926 Model TT Truck
Ford TT uised as a bus in Skanör, Swaden in 1920

The Ford Model TT truck wis rated at ae ton. It wis based on the Ford Model T, but wi a heavier frame an rear axle. The rear axle haed a worm drive an crown wheel, unalike the Ford Model T's Crown wheel an pinion. The worm wis locatit at the end o the driveshaft an abuin the croun wheel. The wheelbase o the caur wis 100 inch an the wheelbase o the TT wis 125 inches. It wis aften equippit wi a 'ruckstell axle' or some ither accessory gearbox whilk alloued the truck tae hae an intermediate gear atween laich an heich, which wis uiseful for hill climbin. It wis aften sellt as a chassis wi the buyer supplyin the truck body as needit. Mass production wi Ford produced bodies ran frae 1925 tae 1927, but production o the Ford TT haed startit wi the first TT chassis bein released in 1917. It wis vera durable for the time, but slaw whan compared tae mair modren expectations. Wi standard gearin, a speed o na mair nor 15 m.p.h. wis recommendit, an wi special gearin, a speed o na mair nor 22 m.p.h. wis recommendit, accordin tae Ford Dealers Data Beuk 1923. Standard worm gear ratio wis 7.25:1, special gearin 5.17:1.

Production nummers for the Ford Model TT

Year - Production

1917 - 3

1918 - 41,105

1919 - 70,816

1920 - 135,002

1921 - 118,583

1922 - 135,629

1923 - 197,057

1924 - 139,435

1925 - 197,390

1926 - 228,496

1927 - 83,202

  • Production nummers dinna include foreign production