Ford Model 48

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Ford Model 48
AssemblyAtlanta, Georgie
Chester, Pennsylvanie
Chicago, Illinois
Long Beach, Californie
Dearborn, Michigan
Bouk an chassis
ClessFull-size Ford
Body style2-door roadster
2-door coupe
4-door sedan
4-door convertible
4-door station wagon
LayootFR layout
Ingine221 CID (3.6 L) Flathead V8
Wheelbase112 in (2,845 mm)
PredecessorFord Model 18
Ford Model 40A
Successor1937 Ford

The Model 48 wis an update on Ford's V8-pouered Model 40A, the company's main product. Introduced in 1935, the Model 48 wis gien a cosmetic refresh annually, begettin the 1937 Ford afore bein thoroughly redesigned for 1941. The 1935 Ford's combination o price, practicality, an luiks vaultit the company ahead o rival Chevrolet for the sales croun that year, wi 820,000 sauld.

1935[eedit | eedit soorce]

1935 Model B Woodie

The 1935 Ford wis a thorough refresh on the popular V8-pouered Ford. The fower-cylinder Model A ingine wis nae langer offered, leavin juist the 221 CID (3.6 L) V8 tae pouer every Ford caur an truck. The transverse leaf spring suspension remained, but the front spring wis relocatit ahead o the axle tae allaw mair interior volume. The body wis lawered an new "Center-Poise" seatin improved comfort.

Visually, the 1935 Ford wis muckle mair modren wi the grille pushed forrit an made mair prominent bi de-emphasized an mair-integratit fenders. A major advance wis a true integratit trunk on "trunkback" sedans, tho the traditional "flatback" wis an aa offered. Ootdatit body styles lik the Victoria wur an aa deletit for the year.

Twa trim lines wur offered, standard an DeLuxe, across a nummer o body styles includin a base roadster, five-windae coupe, three-windae coupe, Tudor an Fordor sedans in flatback or trunkback versions, a convertible sedan, a woody station wagon, an new Model 51 truck. Rumble seats wur optional on coupe model.

1936[eedit | eedit soorce]

1936 Ford Model 48

Chevrolet regained the sales lead at the end o 1936, but the Ford still sauld extremely well. A new club cabriolet model wis introduced wi a fully-framed windshield an weatherproof tap, an the convertible sedan gained the popular integratit trunkback design.

The leuk wis updated wi an invertit pentagonal grille wi aw-vertical bars beneath a prominent huid an three horizontal chrome side strips (on DeLuxe models). A concealed horn, lang a prominent pairt o the Ford's design, brocht the caur intae modren times an aa. The new trucks continued wi the auld grille. Ither major changes for 1936 wur the uise o pressed steel "artillery" solit wheels insteid o wire wheels.

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