Ford Probe

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Ford Probe
ManufacturerFord Motor Company
AssemblyFlat Rock, Michigan, U.S. (AAI)
Bouk an chassis
ClessEconomy caur
Sports coupe
Grand tourer
LayootFF layoot
RelatitMazda MX-6
Mazda 626
PredecessorFord Capri (Europe)
Ford EXP (North Americae)
SuccessorFord Cougar (Europe)
Ford ZX2 (North America)

The Ford Probe wis a coupe produced bi Ford, introduced in 1989 tae replace the Ford EXP as the company's sport compact caur. The Probe wis fully based on the Mazda G-platform uisin unique sheetmetal an interior. The instrument cluster an pop-up heidlicht mechanisms ar borrowed frae the FC RX-7. While it wis sauld warldwide as a sporty coupe, the Probe wis intendit tae fill the mercat niche formerly occupied bi the Capri in Europe, an awtho it wis intendit as the replacement tae the Ford EXP, it wis an aa considered a possible replacement for the Ford Mustang in the North American mercat as a direct competitor wi the Acura Integra an the Toyota Celica. Durin that time, Ford's marketin team haed deemed that a front-wheel drive platform (borrowed Mazda GD an GE platforms) wad hae lawer costs for production, an an' a' acause the platform haed been gainin popularity wi the consumers. Mustang fans objectit tae the front-wheel drive configuration, Japanese ingineerin, an lack o a V8, sae Ford began wirk on a new design for the Mustang insteid. The decision tae stap producin the vehicle wis made in 1997 acause the Probe wis the warst-performin model o that year sellin anerlie 32,505 vehicles.