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Simca Vedette

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1961 Simca Vedette Chambord

The Simca Vedette is a lairge car, manufactured frae 1954 tae 1961 bi the French automaker Simca, at their factory in Poissy, Fraunce. It wis marketit wi different model names accordin tae trim an equipment levels. The Vedette wis Simca's lairgest model at that time an it spawned a mair economical version, the Simca Ariane.

Simca acquired the Poissy factory frae Ford France (Ford Société Anonyme Française, the French subsidiary o the Ford Motor Company), alang wi the model line, in 1954. The Vedette wis therefore initially still marketit as the Ford Vedette.

The Vedette wis manufactured in Poissy till 1961 an the Ariane till 1963. Efter that, production continued in Brazil, whaur the Vedette finally evolved intae the Simca Esplanada,[1] follaein Simca's takeower bi Chrysler.

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