Simca Ariane

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Simca Ariane

The Simca Ariane wis a lairge saloon car manufactured frae 1957 tae 1963 bi the French automaker Simca in the factory in Poissy. The Ariane wis creatit bi fittin the body o the umwhile first-generation Simca Vedette wi a 1.3 L Flash fower cylinder ingine frae the muckle smawer Simca Aronde - a combination focused on economy rather than speedy acceleration. Presentit in Aprile 1957, the Ariane filled the gap atween Aronde an Vedette. In October o the same year, the Ariane 8 wis presentit - a version pouered bi the same Aquillon 2.4 L V8 unit that pouered the Vedette. The Ariane 8 effectively replaced the umwhile Simca Trianon, which wis a bottom-o-the-range Vedette, as the latter wis moved upmarket. The Ariane wis manufactured till 1963, wi 166,363 produced.[1][2] The Ariane Miramas, are made in Argentinae bi Metalmecánica. Approx. 507 units built till 1967 in twa versions: "Std" and "Lujo".

Simca Ariane, rear view

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