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Logo: Autolatina
Logo: Autolatina

Autolatina wis the name o a joint venture atween Volkswagen Group subsidiary Volkswagen do Brasil an Ford Motor Company subsidiary Ford do Brasil in Sooth Americae.

Four divisions - Ford o Argentinae, Ford do Brasil (Ford o Brasil), Volkswagen Argentinae, an Volkswagen do Brasil - formed AutoLatina in 1987.

Volkswagen haed 51% o the company an Ford 49%; Volkswagen managed the Car Division, an Ford the Truck Division.

This resultit in the twa companies sharin badge engineered models. These includit:

The Autolatina venture wis dissolved in 1995, wi the respective companies resumin their activities separately.

Truck Division[eedit | eedit soorce]

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles ad Ford Trucks wur built alangside ilk ither in Ipiranga complex, baith shared pairts an platforms.

The Truck Division an aa exportit tae Unitit States rebadged trucks tae the PACCAR Group, which wur sauld unner the Kenworth an Peterbilt labels.