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Kebili (or Qibilī; Arabic: قبلي‎) is a desert toun in central Tunisie. It is locatit at aroond 33°42′7″N 8°58′25″E / 33.70194°N 8.97361°E / 33.70194; 8.97361, sooth o the Chott el-Jerid. It is the caipital o the Kebili Govrenorate.


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Kebili or in correct spellin Gibili is ane o the auldest Oasis in Tunisie an North Africae. Kebili haulds the earliest haurd evidence o human habitation in Tunisie (foond near the toun) an dates back aboot 200,000 years. Kebili, as mony ithers Tunisian touns, entered unner the control o Roman Empire efter the Punic Wars.


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The Kebili population is diverse compared tae ither Tunisian governorates. There are three main race/ethnic groups:

  • Arabs: They came tae Kebili in early days o Islamic Conquest. Maist came frae the Soothren Arabian Peninsula (kent today as Saudi Arabie an Yemen). They still hauld the names o their ancestor's tribes.
  • Berbers: They are the native inhabitants o Tunisie an North Africae. Berbers are considered minorities acause they prefer tae live in muntains (the maist famous site is Matmata).
  • Blacks: They came tae the ceety when it wis a famous slavery trade center. See economy for mair information.

Leid an Releegion

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Arabic is the dominant leid in the region. The awday Arabic differs frae literal Arabic tae varyin degrees. The maist noticeable difference is in the pronunciation o the letter Qäf; it is pronoonced Gä. See an aa Tunisian Arabic. Islam is the dominant releegion. Kebili, as mony ither Tunisian touns, haulds a great number o Soofiat Maqams (Saleheen).


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The Kebilian economy haes seen diverse orientations through its history. Kebili wis ane the main hubs o the African slavery trade tae satisfy European needs at that time. Slaves wur taken tae Europe through the port o Gabès. Nouadays, Kebili relies hivily on agricultur an tourism.


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The main agricultural product in the region is dates, or deglets. Kebili produce a vera hie quality date, exportit aroond the warld an contributin significantly tae the local an naitional economy.


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Beginnin wi naitional unthrildom, the government o Tunisie haes encouraged tourism projects an resorts in the Saharan region. O these Douz, sooth o Kebili, is the maist famous Saharian destination o Tunisie (kent as the Sahara Gate).

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